Turkey does not contemplate that the final of the Champions League is not in Istanbul

The Turkish federal body has fulfilled its duties to organize the final or final four of the Champions League in Istanbul and at the Ataturk Olimpiyat Stadyumu stadium, which was already the venue for the final between Milan and Liverpool in the 2005 edition. many rumors that the UEFA committee could change the idea of ​​where the final of the biggest European football competition will be played. Some sources emphasize that Portugal intends to get the final to be played on Portuguese soil.

And Turkey? Istanbul does not expect the Champions League final to take place in another city, despite doubts about this possible change of mind by UEFA. Obviously the issue is still up in the air and everything related to the two European competitions, the Champions League and the Europa League, will be resolved at the UEFA meeting on the 17th of this month.

It is not easy for Istanbul to be excluded from the Champions League final

Former UEFA Vice President nesenes Erzik, now the honorary member of FIFA and UEFA, told AS what is wrong with this matter: “These are not things to be replaced by one-off decisions. I heard the news that the final of the Champions League will be in another city instead of Istanbul, but it is not easy to take it out of Istanbul. I had a long meeting with Servet Yardimci, the current vice president of the Turkish Football Federation and a member of the UEFA board of directors. Yardimci is in it”.

The Portuguese Federation is not at the level of being able to press

“The match will be played without spectators and the final income will disappear. This is a very unknown equation. I know Ceferin better than anyone. Ceferin does not do such things because he is a very solid person. It is very difficult to undo a decision made for Ceferin “There is no change in our conditions. There is a state investment. There is no pressure. I told UEFA that there should be a” Final Four “in the Champions League as in basketball. The Portuguese Federation is not at the level of being able to press on this issue. It is very difficult to make protocol organizations. UEFA will make a statement on this issue on the 17th of this month. Where did Portugal come from? I do not understand why. Someone or a group is trying to change the city final, but President Ceferin always keep distance from this type of people and requests, “said former Vice President Erzik.