Trigueros: “I am happy for a goal that gives 3 important points”

Manu Trigueros scored his first goal of the season in the return of the League for Celta and Villarreal. His goal gives three gold points in the aspirations of the yellow team for getting into the European zone. The Villarreal player valued the game in the Movistar Liga.

Villarreal Shield / Flag

Objective: “A very important victory to continue in the fight for Europe, especially now that seventh place is open, which also gives access.”

Match: “In the first half we had opportunities to leave with an advantage; Celta in the second half made tactical changes and leveled somewhat. But our goal came.

Sensations: The sensations are cold, for all the people who cannot come to soccer. But it is the right thing to do now. The feelings on the field are good to fight for Europe.

Goal: “I am happy because the goal gives three important points.”