Trevor Lawrence hurt his shoulder and will not play in his initial match with the Jaguars.

Trevor Lawrence will not play in the next game, which is against the Panthers of Carolina. During his time in the NFL, this is the first time he won’t play.

Because he hurt his shoulder in Week 16 of the season, the Jaguars from Jacksonville chose not to make him their quarterback Saturday. This week, he didn’t show up for any practice.

His spot will be taken by C.J. Beathard, who is the 49ers’ backup quarterback. He will show up for the second time since the last week of 2020.

Lawrence has had a tough season. He has dealt with a lot of injuries, such a sprained high ankle to Week 13 or going through concussion procedure after Week 15.

His goal was to play every game, but this new illness meant he was forced to forfeit this one.

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ Trevor Lawrence will miss the beginning of his career as a pro because he bruised his throwing shoulder.

Lawrence did nothing but watch practice all week. The team finally put him out on Friday for their home game against Carolina (2-13).

The Jaguars (8-7) have an important game this Sunday, and CJ Beathard is starting for the first moment in three years.

When Lawrence dove for a running score on a fourth-and-1 play in the fourth period of our 30–12 loss for Tampa Bay on Sunday, he hurt his AC joint.

After the game, he was so tired that his arm was barely moving. Not much was going on before he got hurt. Jaguar fell behind 30-0 and lost for the third time in a row because he fired two picks as well as lost a fumble.

Lawrence tried 17 times before he made a pass that went for 211 yards. Three of the passes he picked off led to gains for Tampa Bay.

Trevor Lawrence will have a hard time playing for the Jaguars while they try to end its four-game lost streak and stay to the top spot in the Atlantic Coast Conference South.

His team said that he hurt his left shoulder and will not be able to take the field towards the Carolina Panthers at home on Sunday. Because of it, C.J. Beathard will start for Jacksonville rather than him.

He said something mean afterward: “It appears that we have little practice.” He said Wednesday, “Something else emerges when someone feels a little better.”

” The present year is certain to be one of those. It’s solely this game sometimes. It’s awful, but I’ll keep working hard to get back as soon as I can.

So far this season, Lawrence has lost the ball 19 times. In Jacksonville’s last four games, he has done it eight times.

Some of his best players, like Christian Kirk and Zay Jones, have been hurt, that has made things tricky for him.

Before this game, Lawrence never skipped a game in any age because he was hurt. He never missed a game in high school. Because of COVID-19 rules, he only missed two games in college.

Since he got hurt, the quarterback has been having a hard time. His completion percentage was 57.4% in Weeks 14 to 16.

On average, every pass he attempted gained six yards, he threw a total of five touchdowns as well as five interceptions, and his passer rating was 71.5 on average.

Because of this, the Jaguars have lost four games in a row lately. Since Beathard is in charge, there is reason to hope for a change.

When Beathard took over for Lawrence in two matches this past season, he hit 20 out of 25 passes for 157 yards or a touchdown.

This showed how much he could do. Along with his time with the 49ers, the 30-year-old quarterback has a 2-10 record so far.

Beathard’s comeback to the starting lineup shows just how crucial it is for the Jaguar to fix their running game, which has been having a rough time lately—in their last five games, they haven’t gained over ninety yards on the ground.

Since the last game, the team lost four in a row, Travis Etienne is gaining 30.8 yards running per game.

The Jaguars continue to remain within first place on the AFC South even though their next couple of matches will be tough.

This is because there are tiebreakers with Houston and Indy. If the Jaguars beat either the Panthers or the Titans in their last games, they would win the division title for the second year in a row.

These days, Lawrence isn’t playing, and the Jaguars have been enduring a rough patch. They want to get themselves back on track or finish the year strong.