Tremendous three-way fight for this phrase from Lequio to Alejandra: “You are a Campos and you have gotten involved with a son of Mar Flores”

Tremendous anger has taken place Alessandro Lequio by a few words of Alejandra Rubioin which she appealed to mental health because she felt “overwhelmed” by having the press on her heels since her romance with Carlo Costanzia came to light.

“Girl, but do you know what world you are in? Who are you?“, began her monologue in Let's see. “You are a Campos and you have gotten involved with a son of Mar Flores and, therefore, you are subject to constant monitoring“, Lequio has settled very excitedly. The Italian has found a direct answer. The daughter of Terelu Camposwhen questioned, threw some cutting words at him.

“I am in shockbut I wouldn't say anything to him because that's what he wants.” Alejandra defended herself: “I'm studying, I'm finishing my degree”; and she reproached him: “He is the one who needs yoga classes to relax. He can't go to those extremes of turning red and upset.” And he addressed him directly: “You've been giving us a hard time all week, I know it's your character. “Have more respect and do not alter, for your own good.”

The warmth of Carmen Borrego before Lequio

Sandra Barneda reminded María Teresa's granddaughter that the quarrel arose from appealing to mental health, which is what put Alessandro in trouble. In front of the Italian, on the Telecinco set, was Carmen Borrego, Alejandra's aunt, who stopped him with a slight “It's getting out of hand”. This lukewarmness of Borrego in the morning has unleashed a second fight between aunt and niece in the afternoon. It has been in This is life, where the two Campos shared a sofa: “That vehemence (of Lequio) was unnecessary,” Carmen began. “Well, you could have given him more trouble because he deserved it.”, Carlo Costanzia's girlfriend has reproached him. So, they have both entered the “and you more” loop. “Next time you can handle it. And now the war for me,” Carmen told her niece.