Tremendous anger from Imanol at the end of training

Imanol he doesn't rest, he doesn't lower the intensity and that is probably one of the reasons why his Real is so competitive. Today's open-door training session for the press ended with a tremendous anger from Oriotarra to his players during a five-minute talk.

The coach gathered his squad in a circle and reproached the attitude of several players, although he did not personify the guilt during the reprimand: “If I don't have the day at least I put the batteries in defense, intensity in the marks, if I lose it I recover fast position. They have made us goals very easy ”, he shouted Sheriff. The anger was more: “You know that I don't give minutesThen I don't make changes when the game arrives! ”he said making fuss.

Instructions were audible from the press-enabled tent. The truth is that the session was not the best in terms of the success in the pass. Training started with a passing box, and most of the first shipments were erratic. “Attack the ball, Ander”, He reproached Guevara. The worst part was taken by the two French, Sagnan Y Blasco, who lost the mark during the games on countless occasions: “¡Modi, BlascoWhat the hell? ”He wondered. Imanol he even stopped training on two occasions to ask his team for another point of intensity: “They catch our back even with the ball stopped and taken out by the goalkeeper!”, he insisted to the two defenders. SagnanResigned and crestfallen, he improved until he finished training with good actions in both defense and attack.