Touching and also insults from Pérez Santana to Jedet after the Feroz: “travelo of shit, envious transvestite”

It not only includes sexual abuse or touching that Javier Perez Santana allegedly performed on the trans actress Go in the police report after the complaint. The document goes further and shows that the producer of my emptiness and Iprecisely a documentary that tells the story of a person with gender dysphoria, uttered serious and hurtful insults to the actress after the awards ceremony. Fierce Awards: “Travelo of shit, envious transvestite”.

An unknown to the general public Javier Pérez Santana was arrested this Monday accused of a sexual assault on the leading actress of the series “Veneno”, Jedet, during the party after the Feroz awards, he could also face the accusation of a crime of hatred.

The certificate, to which the Aragon newspaper, collects the story of Jedet, who assured the Police that Pérez Santana and another man approached her at the party held at the Espacio Ebro in Zaragoza at around 2:30 a.m. After chatting for a while and confessing that they were her fans, the actress wanted to separate from them “given the state and attitude in which they were”, and given the impression that “they could be under the influence of some narcotic substance”. .

That rejection provoked the anger of the producer, who told her “you’re very bad, you don’t love me at all”, to which she replied: “how can I love you if I don’t know you”. After this exchange of words, Pérez Santana grabbed Jedet’s chest “in a surprising way.” According to the police brief, when she asked him to leave, the actress told other guests at the party that the two men were “touching the private areas of those present without their consent.” It was right after that the insults occurred.

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Pérez Santana took it easy on Jedet: “Travelo shit, you’re an envious transvestite, whore, envious transsexual, be careful with me, I’m a gypsy.” The outrageous words came precisely from a professional whose latest work deals in the form of a documentary with the life of a person with gender dysphoria.

Harassment up to six people

According to the report, up to six witnesses confirmed to the Police that they had been harassed by the detained producer. The aggression and insults took place at dawn this Saturday during the party after the film and television awards ceremony. Once Jedet’s complaint was made public, other well-known names, such as the tertuliano Bob Poppublicly denounced having also been harassed by the producer at the same party.

“I was talking to people and he came about three times to try to eat my mouth without my permission while I dodged him as best I could, but do you know what happens? I never thought that this could be reported. I thought, well, he has me touched my quota of slimy drunk that touches you at all parties and you put up with it,” explained the commentator on the Ser chain this Monday.

For his part, before the judge handling the case, Pérez Santana denies having approached Jedet and having praised his work, because “I am unaware of his work so I have not been able to praise him.” Regarding the touching, the arrested man said that they could not be true. “I am not sexually attracted to a woman, I am homosexual,” and he denied that he had been able to express himself in the way that he was told that he did, especially when he has made films defending the trans community. It must be taken into account that in his statement he acknowledged that he had drunk a lot that night and did not remember anything that had happened.