Total war in RTVE: the president, Elena Sánchez, falls after dismissing her Content Director, José Pablo López

Total war at the top of RTVE. The president of the Corporation, Elena Sanchezhas been dismissed at the turbulent meeting of the board of directors this Tuesday, according to Vertele. His departure occurred after dismissing his Content Director, Jose Pablo Lopezin the midst of a storm due to the controversial signing of David Broncano.

The dismissal of José Pablo López was decided at the board of directors meeting this Tuesday and had the vote of the interim president herself, Elena Sánchez, a counselor at the proposal of the PSOE, who has allied herself with the three representatives of the PP. , Jenaro Castro, Carmen Sastre and Consuelo Aparicio, and one of the two counselors of Unidas Podemos, José Manuel Martín Medem, according to the aforementioned media.

The other two representatives of the PSOE, Ramón Colom and Concepción Cascajosa, the councilor proposed by the PNV, Juan José Baños, and the second of Unidas Podemos, Roberto Lakidain, voted against. This same distribution of votes is the one that was distributed two weeks ago, when the board of directors of RTVE overturned the signing of David Broncano.

José Pablo López, as stated Informaliawas the main promoter of Broncano’s signing by RTVE to broadcast The resistance in it access prime time and compete from there against Pablo Motos and his Anthill of Antena 3. The idea was to hire the showman for three seasons at a rate of 14 million per year. That approach did not go forward at the March 11 meeting and the board of directors stated that they were only willing to sign Broncano for one season.

Beyond this controversial hiring, the relationship between the Content Director and the president of RTVE had not been good for a long time and was already manifested with the disagreement they had a few months ago when José Pablo López tried to incorporate Belén Esteban as a jury for the program. dance as you canas advanced Informalia. Elena Sánchez stopped the arrival of the ‘people’s princess’ to the public channel.

On the other hand, TVE is immersed in an audience crisis that is beginning to be important. Although in the last months of 2023 it had improved its data, the truth is that in February it lost second place in the ranking in favor of Telecinco and the same thing will happen in March. As of today, La 1 only accumulates an average of 9.1% share. The public channel accumulates several lapses on its schedule. The last one was the program dance as you canbut we must also remember the fiasco of The best in historythe poor performance of Msewing masters o D Heartwhich has sunk the 15.00 News News on the weekend.