Total war between Madrid, Barça and Liverpool for the pearl of Benfica

The great European teams continue to make their templates for the future, thus forming new projects and ensuring many successes. Within that search, different young soccer players are being traced that, beyond having a talent, fit the club's style of play.

As reported since England, so much Liverpool, how Madrid and Barça they want to get the services of Rafael Brito, which plays as a left-hand drive in the Benfica. The Portuguese, who has just extended his contract until the summer of 2024, has already been informed of the great interest of the three clubs that could fight for his signing this summer and will try to do the impossible to convince the player and his environment with each One of his proposals. (Liverpool of Klopp for Isco or Fabian)

The midfielder, as he has told Record, It consists of a termination clause of 45 million euros so, at this moment, it is considered an exorbitant price for a player who, beyond the individual performances, has not yet managed to prove anything in particular. However, from the offices of the Benfica They are quite convinced that they can continue their progression and get even more money for it in the not too distant future.