Toquero denounces fraud in the elections to preside over AFE

The candidacy of Gaizka toquero to the presidency of the AFE (Association of Spanish Footballers) has published a statement in which he denounces fraud in the elections in which he faces David Aganzo.

“Since the candidacy of Gaizka Toquero we have been publicly denouncing in recent days a fraud in the elections to the presidency of AFE. From votes of people who are not even in the census, something that is difficult to explain, through manipulations of the electoral census to find ourselves with duplicate votes “thus began the document of the candidacy of the former Athletic footballer.

What's more, Toquero's candidacy assures that he has informed the UDEV (Specialized and Violent Crime Unit of the National Police) the irregularities detected together with the custody of the votes by mail, which according to Toquero “has been called into question since the notarial chain of custody has been broken on several occasions throughout the process, preventing the inviolability of the ballot boxes from being guaranteed.” The Police have opened an investigation to clarify what happened.

Toquero recalls that “the members of the Electoral Board were chosen by lottery among AFE affiliates. Said lottery was carried out before a notary public and with the presence of the current president of the Management Commission that runs AFE during the elections, Jorge Azkoitia, in addition of a representative of each one of the candidatures “.

In said Electoral Table, the three members present represent the highest authority in the count, with responsibility and competence falling on them when they have to make a decision that guarantees legality and transparency.

While David Aganzo's candidacy replied with a statement in which it ensures: “From the candidacy of David Aganzo we want to thank and congratulate all the players affiliated to AFE for their numerous participation in the first elections of the union in all its history. This broad response goes to demonstrate, once again, the firm commitment that Spanish footballers have with their Association “.

The former soccer player appreciates the trust placed in his voters by obtaining almost twice the number of votes than Gaizka toquero. Members of the candidacy of Aganzo added in the statement: “Apart from the provisional results announced today by the Electoral Commission, from this candidacy no type of evaluation will be carried out until the date on which the final results of these elections will be announced to the Presidency and Board of Directors of AFE “.