Top 5 Most Expensive Wedding Rings in History

Top 5 Most Expensive Wedding Rings in History

Choosing a wedding ring for a loved one cannot be called an everyday activity. Moreover, this small accessory can be a real work of art and cost a fortune. Luxury class wedding rings are not only a symbol of love and union of two hearts but also an indicator of wealth and a way to attract the attention of others. World-renowned jewelry companies can afford the creation of unique luxury accessories that sweep women off their feet. And the cost of such a piece of jewelry often reaches six-, seven-digit numbers. 

Of course, ordinary gems are not suitable for such jewelry – craftsmen use equally rare precious gems, the very price of which raises to lofty heights. And after skillful processing and cutting, the gems become jewelry that is available only to the elite. So, we would like to bring to your attention the top 5 most expensive wedding rings in history. 

1. Krupp Diamond (Elizabeth Taylor Diamond)

Cost: $ 3 500 000.

Elizabeth Taylor was infatuated with diamonds, and the “girls’ best friends” reciprocated her affection. Perhaps this Hollywood movie star was one of the most famous jewelry lovers. Elizabeth collected diamonds and the men who gave them.  And it’s worth noting that the actress received many gifts – the collection of Elizabeth Taylor includes 269 pieces of jewelry masterpieces.

Thus, one of the precious “trinkets” of the actress was put in our list of the most expensive wedding rings in the history – this is Krupp Diamond, a gift that Richard Burton presented to Elizabeth on May 16, 1968. The gem was inlaid in a ring, and the mesmerizing brilliance of a 33.19-carat diamond instantly turned the ring into Taylor’s favorite accessory. The actress wore this jewelry almost always. Elizabeth said, “My ring brings me the most amazing sensation of beauty. Its sparks of red, and white, and blue, and purple, and so on, are like the noise of its own divine life.”

2. Paris Hilton Wedding Ring

Cost: about $ 4 million.

When one rich man named Paris is engaged to another rich man named Paris, the result is superfluous. The heiress of the hotel chain, Paris Hilton was once engaged to Paris Latsis who presented her one of the most expensive rings in history. The women even said that it was painful to wear the engagement ring due to the large size of the diamond. In the center of the ring, there is a huge luxury 24-carat diamond of square shape, highlighted by two baguette-cut diamonds on the sides. The base of the ring is made of white gold, and the main gem is huge even by the standards of millionaires. Despite such a generous gift, the engagement of Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis lasted only 5 months, and the wedding ceremony has never got round to happen. After the break-up, the ring was sold at auction. The proceeds were transferred to the fund for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. 

3. Beyonce Wedding Ring

Cost: $ 5 million.

What would you do being in the shoes of Jay-Z and falling in love with Beyonce, who already has tons of expensive jewelry? You would certainly buy a luxury engagement ring that costs $ 5 million! Jay-Z and Beyonce had a long courting period. Their fans even argued whether these two were dating or not. But in the end, Jay-Z proposed to Beyonce and gave the singer one of the most expensive wedding rings in history! Every woman will be extremely glad to get such a luxurious gift. So, take it into account if you want to find love after 60! 

The wedding ring weighs 18 carats and is decorated with an octagonal diamond. Beyonce wears her ring rarely, but when she does it, photographers are in a hurry to capture this moment. It is interesting to note that together with this luxurious jewelry, Jay-Z presented his beloved Beyonce a “budget” copy of the ring at a cost of 5 thousand dollars.

To sum up, nowadays, wedding rings have evolved in terms of the size and types of gemstones that are inserted into this romantic jewelry. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people who believe that an expensive engagement ring is a sure way to make a person say the coveted “yes”. No matter whether this is true or not, one should not forget that first of all, a wedding ring is a symbol of tender feelings between two loving hearts. So, it is only up to you to decide what ring to choose and how much money to spend on it!

4. Chopard Blue Diamond Ring

Cost: $ 16 026 000.

Blue Diamond Ring is an exquisite piece of jewelry from the world-famous Chopard brand, which is renowned for making high-class watches and jewelry. Chopard Blue Diamond Ring is a unique jewel, first of all, due to the rare blue color of the gem. In nature, such an unusual and beautiful color of the diamond is achieved thanks to the nearby boron deposits. The ring is inlaid with an oval blue diamond weighing 9 carats. The gem, in turn, is enclosed in “paws” made of 18-carat white gold, and the sides of the ring are decorated with transparent artfully cut diamonds.

5. The World’s First Diamond Ring

Cost: about $ 70 million.

The most expensive wedding ring in history was created by the Swiss company called “Shawish”, which is famous for premium jewelry that has no analogs. This fabulously expensive jewelry was carved from a whole diamond! The search and development of technology for creating the world’s first diamond ring took a year: the jewelers considered the matter very carefully, chose sketches, and looked for a suitable diamond. Finally, the gem was found, and the jewelers began a long and thorough process of laser cutting.

The exclusive jewelry was first demonstrated on April 14, 2011, at an exhibition in London. The world’s first diamond ring weighs about 150 carats and costs more than $ 70 million, and it is almost 5 times the cost of the previous Chopard record holder!