Toni Villa: “All together to overcome this disease”

They are complicated moments for all citizens and of course for the Real Valladolid footballers. These days we saw Captain Javi Moyano sending the message of 'Stay at home' which is the 'leiv motiv' that should move us all; In these last hours and thanks to the communication service of the private club we have known the feelings of Toni Villa, from his home in Arroyo de la encomienda in Valladolid.

At the end of last week the Blanquvioleta club sent its players home and suspended all face-to-face activities and prepared a 'home' training plan to try as much as possible to keep the players in shape. Toni, although he is far from his family in Murcia, has the support of his girlfriend Natalia. The youth squad sent that same message of encouragement and that staying home is the best way to beat and protect those we love most: “It is tough but you have to do it in the best possible way because it is something that we all have to do for the common good. We all know what happened in China and what is happening in Italy or Spain, and we all have family members and we don't want anything bad to happen to them, so we have to sacrifice ourselves without leaving home. “

With the physical closeness canceled, permanent contact with those people we love is essential these days. Toni has her family in a town in Murcia, Lorquí, and videoconferences or phone calls help a lot: “Being close even when we are far away, that is the most important thing.”

Another of the entertainments that he likes the most is the video console, but since being glued all day to a screen is not the best, cleaning the house has also become a resource not only for Murcia, but for many. Another way to be informed and in contact are the WhatsApp groups and logically the first team of Real Valladolid has theirs: “When training stopped, they gave us a plan to be able to exercise on the street, but with the government's decision to declare a state of alarm, the possibility of going out becomes unfeasible, like any other citizen, so we do it in home as we can. I have a small flat and I do stationary bikes, weights, exercises … “It is what they have to do, adapt and survive in the best possible way, and Toni and his colleagues are doing it like the rest of the population.

In everyday life we ​​all belong to different groups and we identify with some tastes and in the case of soccer with some colors. At a time when the team is all formed in the face of adversity, Toni is clear that together we will succeed: “They are like the Club. They are fighters and have always grown in the face of adversity. There are no colors or borders here, the important thing is that we all go to one to overcome this disease and that everything goes as well as possible. “

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