Toni Nadal: “With Rafael he used stories from society to motivate him”

Toni Nadal, director of the Rafa Nadal Academy in Manacor (Mallorca) and former coach of the twelve-time Roland Garros champion, declared this Wednesday that pFor a society to be “successful it must have union and cohesion” and he assured that he does not conceive the tension to face life or the problems that may arise in different scenarios.

Toni, Rafael Nadal's uncle and his coach for 27 years, is the presenter of 'La España Llena', a new program by Movistar featuring “brave and committed heroes, anonymous citizens, who star in incredible stories every day.”

“Knowing different areas has always made me excited and seeing how an episode is shot or how the spaces are sought, has helped me learn something and I take it as an experience, “said Toni,” very much in favor of telling stories that are worthwhile “, a method he already used with his nephew during his professional stage.

“With Rafael I always used other stories to motivate him. I trained him keeping in mind that what happened on a track was no stranger to what happened outside. I gave him examples of sport and other people in society. I remember when I told him, in an injury he had, the imputation of Irene Villa's two legs and how he continued to lead a normal life, “he stressed.

“There are always people who do things that can inspire you. I used the word a lot and I liked to influence these types of people. In the end, when you see all those people who do something special, and do extraordinary things, you feel able to do them too, “he confessed.

For Toni, whatever the time or the situation, “the union is necessary”.

“The success of a society is when there is union and cohesion. I cannot conceive of tension,” said Toni., who recalled, by way of example, the victory of Spain in the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

“That Iniesta gave us the victory in the World Cup and also being good people helps us to be better. There are people who succeed with non-edifying attitudes that do not contribute much to raising the morale of society, “he concluded.