Toñi Moreno apologizes after calling a Tiktoker 'fat': “I'm sorry for having hurt her”

Social networks burned this Wednesday with a comment from the Canal Sur presenter to an American girl, Bellawho lives in Seville and connected with his program to talk about the advantages of living in the south of Spain: “Have you had a filter? Tell me the truth, you are much thinner”Told him Toni Moreno during connection. And he added: “Or it's the lentils with chorizo, which you've had many dishes in.”.

Bella herself reacted during the live with a smile as a shield but later burst into tears on her networks, regretting what happened to a person she “admired”: “Opinioning about another person's body is not funny at all. We don't know what others are going through. I have struggled with depression and eating disorders my entire life and these comments hurt a lot.“. The young woman also noted: “Talking about another person's physique says more about you than it does about them. I hope the day comes when we can think before speaking and not think so much about the superficial”.

Early this Thursday, Lola's mother opened her profile for X, the former X, to apologize: “As it could not be otherwise, Yesterday I apologized personally to Bella. It was an unfortunate comment, and I didn't express myself well. I'm sorry I hurt youand of course there was no intention.” She has also tried to defend herself with the following argument: “I am the same person who defended a girl attacked for being overweight in Wonderful People“.

On this social network, the communicator has received a barrage of criticism in the last few hours: “Toñi Moreno's behavior with this girl is shameful. We are not making any progress, it's shameful”, “It seems that Toñi Moreno wants to crown herself in January as the most clown of the year” or “This girl has been covered in glory with the comments,” some users wrote. Some of them also took advantage of the moment to remember other controversies of the presenter, such as the words she addressed to an abused woman about ten years ago on TVE: “When something like that happens, either it is reported or it is kept silent for the rest of the people.” life,” he said. “It's scary that that was the message she sent to the victims,” ​​they insist on X.