Tommy Rees, Mike Norvell, and Kalen DeBoer stand out as the best prospects in Alabama: Where to Find It

Tommy Rees, Mike Norvell, and Kalen DeBoer stand out as the best prospects in Alabama: Where to Find It

Multiple people who are acquainted with the process tell The Athletic that Alabama’s new coach, Nick Saban, is likely to choose one of three candidates: Tommy Rees, who is the offensive coordinator for Alabama; Mike Norvell, who is the coach of Florida State; and Kalen DeBoer, who is the coach of Washington.

Despite my doubts about Rees getting the job, the fact that he has already been asked increases the likelihood more than I initially thought. This turns out to be a former aid to Marcus Freeman, who is the real candidate.

Dan Lanning at Oregon as well as Steve Sarkisian say that Texas has made its own teams, but Rees hasn’t because he’s never been a head coach.

However, I still believe that Lane Kiffin is the best candidate until we hear him officially rule himself out. Rees, on the other hand, is a wild card that I did not see coming into play.

Sources say that meetings with Greg Byrne, the sports director at Alabama, should be over by the end of the day on Thursday. A statement could come as early as Friday.

Nick Saban shocked everyone in college football when he announced his retirement on Wednesday. It didn’t take long for national writers to start talking about Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman as a possible replacement.

Nick Saban’s shocking exit from Alabama on Wednesday shocked everyone in college football, even though there had been rumors all year that Saban was going to retire.

Still, it’s time for the Crimson Tide to get rid of what many consider to be the best coach in the history of the sport.

 This coach achieved a record eight national championships, tied Paul “Bear” Bryant’s record of six at Alabama, produced 49 first-round NFL Draft picks, won 11 SEC titles, and revolutionized the way the game is played.

So, it will be very hard to find someone to replace Saban. Yes, someone else will work in his office, wear the red and white, and walk around Bryant-Denny Stadium next fall.

Alabama has a huge list of people who want to be coaches. The Tide will be on the right track for the future if they get one of these names. At this point, though, we have to wait and see.

CBS Sports will remain with you throughout Alabama’s coaching search, bringing you the latest news as it comes in.

Fans of the University of Washington football team are very worried about losing their coach to Alabama, just three days after the Huskies lost the national title game to Michigan.

As soon as the football rumors started to spread, Seattle went from being excited about Kalen DeBoer or his high-achieving players all season to being scared.

People throughout the Southeast think that Alabama can hire almost anyone to make everyone happy when it comes to replacing Nick Saban. The Crimson Tide need to find someone who can keep the school at a high level after Saban leaves.

It was anticipated that Oregon coach Dan Lanning would take over for Nick Saban. However, he did not spend the night in Tuscaloosa discussing the job as previously reported. Lanning then made it clear in a statement that he wasn’t going to Eugene.

Florida State assistant Mike Norvell, Alabama offensive coordinator Tommy Rees, and DeBoer are the next prospects.

John Brice of Football Scoop reported that all three candidates will be interviewed for the job.

Many people think Norvell could become the next coach at Alabama because he has a 23-4 record against the Seminoles and is well-known in the South.

On the other hand, DeBoer has gotten a lot of attention because he has a 25-3 record with the Huskies and just led them to the championship game.

Recently, ESPN has said that Norvell and DeBoer are becoming the top options for the Crimson Tide job. Reports indicate that Norvell and DeBoer share a similar coaching approach for the team.