Today two years ago … Jovic scored five goals in the Bundesliga

He Oct 19, 2018 marked a before and after in the career of Luka jovic (Bijeljina, 22 years old). The forward, then a 20-year-old diamond in the rough, endorsed him with a little hand to Fortuna Düsseldorf to sign the biggest exhibition of his entire career. The next day his name covered all the covers of the country and his goals went around the world. He has just become the first player to win a Bundesliga game in the entire history of Eintracht. And he was the youngest to do so in the history of Germany's top competition.


Coat of Arms / Flag Eintracht Fr.

The first goal, in fact, was an absolute outrage. He received a center from the left that was left behind and, when it seemed impossible to finish it, a resource was invented in the form of volley-scorpion to send the ball to the bottom of the tights. It is probably the best goal he has scored in his career so far. Only eight minutes later he did another marvel: waiting in front, he impaled a ball with his left foot to score from the short post.

It would be the appetizer of feast that it would serve. Already in the second half, touching the 54th minute, he scored an authentic goal killer. He received a low ball from the left, controlled it from behind and finished off at the turn. Hat trick in 28 minutes, there is nothing. The fourth would arrive after the hour of play and through a low left-handed shot that touched the post before entering. The icing was left, the little hand: Dipped header at the far post to render Rensing's stretch useless. His team won 7-1.

The player knelt, spread his arms and picked up the merriment of his fans, totally maddened in the stands before him recital they were watching. That season Jovic finished with 27 goals and was about to put his Eintracht in the final of the Europa League (He was eliminated in the semifinals, against Chelsea, in the penalty shootout). It was the year of the consecration of who was called to be a future star. He Madrid, that summer, she went after him and signed him in exchange for 60 million. The rest is history.

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Jovic poses extending his hand after scoring five goals in the same match.

No sign of that matador

It was donning the Madrid target and getting the gunpowder wet. Under the orders of Zidane, which expressly requested his signing (as he acknowledged a few days ago at a press conference), has never been indisputable and He has only played 30 games, in which he has scored two goals. Both last season: at home against Leganés and away against Osasuna.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

His scoring average in the capital of Spain is one goal every 15 games (Another way of looking at it is that he scores a goal every 474 minutes). Zidane, this summer, preferred to stay with Mayoral rather than with him, but fate has given him a new opportunity to assert himself. Madrid continues to wait for that forward who, two years ago, scored five goals in 46 minutes. And that he was an idol.