To endure more than five years as a couple? The Japanese have a decalogue of tips

  • There are Japanese tips for a more lasting relationship
  • Remember them every little time, help to put them into practice
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When we meet a special and unique person, one of our greatest desires is to share with her as much time as possible. Wanting and loving a person is essential to maintain a relationship over the years, but there are other points that also have to be careful not to end unfortunately in a break.

In addition to the love and respect that both parties of a couple have to feel, some aspects must be taken care of to help the coexistence not end up breaking this special bond. Good communication and mutual empathy are key points to achieve a healthy and stable relationship, but even knowing this there are times when it is very difficult to carry them out.

In order to make relationships have no expiration date and be lasting, the Japanese have developed a list of decalogues of some tips that must always be kept in mind if we want to be together with our better half. Some of the tips may seem a bit obvious, but remembering them from time to time is what really helps us to put them into practice.

Tips for a long lasting relationship

– Enjoy life at all times.

– Share plans, joys and worries as a couple.

– Discuss if necessary, but make peace on the same day.

– Be open and honest in showing our feelings with words.

– Make plans and ideas a reality.

– Be honest and comment on mistakes made and things that cause problems.

– Do not tell lies.

– Go hand in hand no matter how long it takes together.

– Support in some moments things that we do not like.

– Appreciate each other, regardless of the situation or the moment in which we are.

Although it is likely that you already knew some of these tips, they are tips that we must implement if we want to make our relationship last forever. Having them in mind helps us to live with our partner in a healthy way and for much longer. In addition, it should be said that a relationship is a matter of two, and that is why we must be empathetic and also think of the other person.