Tita Cervera will not leave Borja Thyssen in charge of her legacy: “The successor has a female name”

The Baroness Thyssen has opened the doors of his home in Andorra to a team of Public mirror (Antenna 3). Carmen Cerverawho has enjoyed some dates with El Chatarrero in Madrid (as this portal announced in the first place), has talked about some issues such as his legacy. It will not be Borja Thyssen, his son, who will succeed him.

“There is already a depositary of his legacy”said Gema López. “The level of studies and languages ​​is prepared”, Miquel Valls, the journalist who interviewed her, announced this Tuesday. Everything indicates that she will be one of her two daughters, Sabina o Carmen, whoever is in charge: “This daughter is already on the boards of directors,” Valls indicated. The twins, born via surrogate, are 17 years old and turn 18 on July 6.

Regarding questions related to his will, Cervera said: “These questions don't even worry me anymore.” And he explained: “I have made many wills. When life changes, you change them”. Her relationship with Borja and with his daughter-in-law, Blanca Cuestahas been changing over the years and has gone through better and worse times. “From what he tells us about Borja we will understand their relationship”emphasized Valls.

Tita has also spoken about her grandchildren, the five children of Borja and Blanca: “Borja's children call me Tita, the word grandmother is prohibited. There are millions of grandmothers”.

The king emeritus and Julio Iglesias

The full interview with Baroness Thyssen is broadcast this Thursday and in it she also talks about King Juan Carlos, whom she refuses to call emeritus: “King Juan Carlos has done everything for Spain and we Spaniards should be grateful. I hope he can live where he deserves, in Spain”says Tita from Andorra, where she lives. He does not spend more than 183 days a year in Spain, otherwise he would have to pay taxes in our country. The same thing happens to King Juan Carlos, whose residence is still set in Abu Dhabi, where he has lived since the summer of 2020. “The Treasury has behaved terribly, I don't deserve it and neither does Borja. Yes, I have a grudge,” Tita said in 2019. , in Blood ties (TVE), about his problems with the treasury.

Respect to Julio Iglesias, with whom he has had a close friendship for decades, has also spoken. The singer has recently been in the news for information related to his trip to Punta Cana.