Tita Cervera laughs at the rumors that relate her to Amador Mohedano: “It’s false”

From the television sets there has been talk recently about a possible ‘affair’ that they would have maintained Tita Cervera con Amador Mohedano in the past. But so far, none of the protagonists had spoken on the subject. Now, Baroness Thyssen has.

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With a smile and assuring that it is “false”, the former Miss Spain settled the gossip before the microphones of Europa Press. On the other hand, he confessed to being “very happy” for the centenary of the Thyssen museum and how much they would like his son Borja to be the vice president.

Precisely Borja Thyssen He has just made his debut as a collector with his wife Blanca Cuesta. Until next January 15, the Madrid Museum will house its collection that bears the title “Hyperrealism”. The couple will share with visitors their favorite pieces of art from artists such as María Blanchard to Francis Picabia or Richard Estes.

Since they got married in October 2007, Borja and Blanca have been the parents of five children: Sachathirteen years old; Ericeleven; Enzoof nine; Kalasix years old and little India, fingers. While Carmen Cervera’s daughter-in-law resides with her children in the spectacular mansion they own in La Finca (Madrid), Borja moves between their homes in Madrid, London, Andorra and the United Arab Emirates.