Tita Cervera gives (few) clues about the paternity of her daughters: “They know their history and they know everything”

Risto Mejide interviewed Tita Cervera last January and to promote the program they used the bait of a question to the Baroness that involved the twin daughters of the widow of Hans Heinrich von Thyssen-Bornemisza. Laura Escanes’s ex asked the philanthropist to her face about the identity of the biological father of her daughters, who bear a striking resemblance to Borja despite not having genetic load from Carmen Thyssen. “My daughters already know who their father is,” she said.

But when the Chester There was no trace of the question they had asked and it remained unanswered, or at least no response was issued. There was talk of judicial proceedings or precautionary measures imposed by some of those mentioned that prevented La Fábrica de la Tele, producer of the format, from broadcasting the full interview and forced it to censor that moment.

It must be remembered that in September 2020, Telecinco suggested that the father of the twins could be their brother Borja. They did it after Carmen posed on the cover of a well-known magazine with her two daughters, Sabina y Carmen, who was 14 years old at the time. That made Carmen a kind of ancestor of Ana Obregon, with all the nuances, because if what was suggested in Mediaset is true, we would be facing another situation in which the baroness’s son would at the same time be the father of his ‘sisters’.

In the image that we recovered, it can be seen that the two teenagers, who were born through surrogacy, bear a great resemblance to their brother, as they pointed out at the time in the missing Live life. The mystery of who the girls’ father is remains latent to this day. The Baroness herself stated the following: “My daughters already know who their father is.”

In this censored interview, Cervera opened up about the most difficult issues in her life: marriages, infidelities, problems with the Treasury and, of course, the confrontation that kept her away from her son Borja for years. “I am a positive person and I always expect a change from him. I have tried to encourage it a thousand times, but there are people at his side who prevent it,” she confessed.

Tita’s words were interpreted as a new blow against her daughter-in-law, Blanca Cuesta. “My son, at 19, got married and changed his life.” The differences between mother and son kept them estranged and barely related for almost a decade. They made peace, but not before meeting with their respective legal teams and signing several agreements. In between, complaints for revelation of secrets and even paternity tests.

The paternity of Tita’s daughters

This Wednesday, Baroness Thyssen gives another interview, posing with her daughters Carmen and Sabina in Hello. She doesn’t say anything about that parenthood. She limits herself to revealing that they are finishing high school before starting university next year. They were born “at the same time,” Carmen Cervera reminds us, while she highlights how different they are. “Sabina is very creative,” reveals Baron Thyssen’s widow. “She has been playing the piano very well for years, she likes to write stories and even illustrate the stories,” she says. He says his other daughter, Carmen, is a “brilliant student” and that “she is in a selection process with a prestigious Spanish business school,” he says, noting that it would be very good for her to train in that discipline, taking into account her responsibilities. futures in “the family businesses and with the art world, in which he is getting involved.

The Baroness remembers that they brought her “a lot of happiness” and confesses that “right now I would have made the same decision.” Carmen’s daughters have American nationality, because they were born in Los Angeles with the names of Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Cervera and Sabina Thyssen-Bornemisza Cervera. But “they feel very proud and happy to live in Andorra. A country that has offered them their education and their friends for 17 years,” says Borja Thyssen’s mother.

Regarding the subject that she could explain to them better, love, she admits that they have had hookups but clarifies that so far her daughters’ relationships “are friends more than boyfriends” and adds that “they have their group mainly of friends.” She worries Carmen Cervera that “they waste their time with a person who is not suitable and affects their lives” but positive about mistakes of this type: “If that happens, you also learn in love,” she concludes.

“Carmen and Sabina know their story, they know everything, because I have no secrets from them”

Tita Thyssen says that her daughters have social networks but clarifies that Carmen and Sabina know how far they can go. She clarifies that she is not being less strict with them than she was with Borja: “I always educated from the premise that what was right and wrong when they were little is still right and wrong when they grow up,” she tells the weekly. The Baroness confirms the news that we reported last February: Borja has gone to live in Switzerland

Asked about her memoirs and the controversy with Nieves Herrero, reported by Informalia last April, she confirms that she is writing them herself: “I am writing them myself. I feel bad about what is happening with Nieves (Herrero). What happened is that, when I read the first two chapters, I told her that there were things wrong and that that was not my way of expressing myself. She continued writing, but they are not my memoirs. She has made a novel with some fragments of my life, but sometimes it is difficult to capture the character,” he explains. Regarding whether she will leave out parts of her life or skip a chapter, she admits that we will not know everything: “I will tell things as they are, but I will not waste time telling if I went to a party in a green dress. But the important things, my experiences , love and my life as they are,” he promises.

Regarding Ana Obregón and the daughter born through surrogacy, she points out that she has not yet been able to meet Ana Sandra: “She has been very busy with her arrival in Spain; but I want to see her, the girl is beautiful and I feel very happy for her and I congratulate her from here.