The Baroness Thyssen has confirmed that he is writing his autobiography in his own handwriting, to correct various historical mistakes about his life, as he has assured live on Public mirror during a telephone conversation on the occasion of his eightieth birthday, celebrated on April 24. Tita Cervera thus disassociates herself from the project announced a little over a year ago, a biography written by the journalist snow blacksmith in recent months, which should have seen the light of day this spring and which, as Informalia already announced, Tita Thyssen has paralyzed, vetoed, or aborted the release scheduled for these days.

The reason seems to have to do with his intention to stay away from appearances and public presentations, in the face of the controversy over the maternity of Ana Obregon by the same surrogate method that Carmen used to have her two twin daughters, Carmen y Sabinain 2007.

She also wants to stay out of the way so as not to feed the rumors, which she has already denied, and which pointed to her as the person who had been able to help Obregón obtain the necessary international transfers to father her granddaughter with her son’s frozen sperm. Aless Lequio.

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She does not want to be associated with that controversy, and the announced biography, which is written from top to bottom and was to go on sale around this book day, taking advantage of Carmen’s birthday, may not come to light. , since Tita has decided to write her story herself, controlling the data and the story.

When asked about the non-appearance of the book written by the hands of Nieves Herrero, the mother of Borja Thyssen has given the exclusive: “I am preparing my own biography. I am writing it myself because that is how it will resemble my way of thinking and being. I have always liked to write”, and thus be able to put an end to all those typos about her life as those who have complained during their live intervention.

Congratulations with corrections

the congratulations of Susanna Griso It has been plagued with protest corrections by Tita Cervera, who has complained that her age is aired: “I see life at the age that I wanted to stay, which is twenty-something.”

After thanking the congratulations, Tita has been blunt over the phone. “I have to say that you have some mistakes. You always say that my father was a mechanic, and he owned several garages, because he was a fan of cars.” She has also pointed out that her marriage to her second husband, Spartacus Santoni “It was never valid, because I was a bigamist. I have been married twice; with Lex Barker and with Heiny Thyssen“, he said to correct Wikipedia.

Almost without allowing the participants to intervene, Carmen flirtatiously claimed that “you don’t say how old a woman is, because for many years I have seen life at the age I wanted to stay, which is twenty-something, because it was very happy: I see life through those eyes of my early twenties”.

After assuring that she has celebrated the anniversary as a family with her son, her daughter-in-law, her daughters and her grandchildren, she explained that she was extremely busy: “I get up at half past seven in the morning every day and I have many things to do, for so I won’t be here with you for a long time”, he blurted out with ease.

Will he tell who is the father of his daughters?

After knowing that we will soon know her story from her own perspective, in the program they have raised whether she will be able to reveal the most unknown and controversial fact in the biography of Carmen Cervera; the identity of the father of her two daughters born by surrogate.

“I don’t think she will make it public. The girls know perfectly well who their father is, which is what is important. We will not know that information from the Baroness, unless the father himself says so, or the daughters if they decide so “, has clarified the collaborator Aurelio Manzano. The commentators have also pointed out that over the years, the confidentiality contracts of the medical team that was in charge of the birth of Tita’s twins “has expired, and they could talk.”

Tita Cervera has had a life of extraordinary repercussion, since she won the title of Miss Spain in 1961 and triumphed in successive international beauty pageants (she was third in Miss Universe), until she arrived in Hollywood, where she was able to work in the cinema, meet big international stars of the time, such as Marilyn Monroeand end up marrying the actor at the age of 22 Lex Barkerthe tarzan of the time.

She was also close to the Venezuelan film producer and playboy Spartacus Santoni, a con man who ended up escaping and left Tita in ruins. The actress and model goes back and decides at the age of 37 to be the single mother of her son Borja, who will become the adopted son of Baron Thyssen, whom Carmen marries after meeting and falling in love on a cruise around Sardinia when she was 38 years old. and he 22 years older than her.

A great art collector, the Baron influenced his wife so that she became passionate and an expert in the world of art, and it was she who led to the Baron’s invaluable collection ending up on display in the museum with his name in the capital of Spain.

After being widowed, the Baroness revealed the name of her son’s biological father, the Cantabrian Manuel Seguraand in 2007 she was the mother again of her two twin daughters, of whom it has always been doubted that the paternal donor for in vitro fertilization could also be her older brother, Borja.