Thus they see from Brazil the signing of Reinier by Madrid

The last few days have drawn attention to Brazil the capacity of Florentino Pérez to capture young talents. It happened with Vinicius, this year with Rodrygo, and a few days ago with Reinier, that will reach the white set in the month of February. Felipe Schmidt, journalist of Balloon support specialist in the information of the Flamengo, has counted for Bernabéu Digital how do they see in Brazil to Reinier He has also had words for Vinicius, also left the Flamengo bound for Madrid.

How is Reinier?“Reinier is an extremely vertical player. He is a midfielder, but with much more inclination to the goal and definition than to generate game. He plays better for the center as support of the forward. Jorge Jesus has already warned that Reinier should not play for bands “.

Do you have the potential to succeed in Real Madrid? “Yes, sure. Reinier is considered the best player of his age in Brazil and perhaps also in the world. He was always very valued. With 17 years and playing in a team as strong as Flamengo, he has been decisive in a couple of games of the last Brazilian Championship, including scoring goals. “

His resemblance to Kaka: “It is similar in the verticality and in the finalization. Perhaps he does not have the career that Kaka had. He is more a player who explores the spaces, and not to run with the ball.”

“He has shown a lot of personality in the last year. He assumed a responsibility that did not fit him in a Real Madrid with so many problems. Now he had a downturn, but I think it is normal for his age. Maybe Madrid could have handled his entry into the first team”. (Reinier's scorer warning compared to Vinicius and Rodrygo)

Is Reinier's potential and quality above Rodrygo and Vinicius? “I think they have the same potential, but they have different characteristics. Rodrygo was also considered the best player in Brazil. His development will be measured much more in matters of adaptation and career management than in technical matters. If all goes well , I think it's possible that the three play together in Madrid. “