Three more victories to go to Europe

The goal of the Real is none other than repeating participation in the Europe
League or, as a lesser evil, be a participant in the first edition of the Conference
League. In this sense, it is estimated that with three more victories they will be able to be among the top seven and be European next season. It would force those behind to add between five and six wins, something unlikely.

After 31 games, the royalists add 47 points, the same as last year. Then, the txuri urdin finished sixth with 56 points. Those of Imanol They now have a calendar on accessible paper: Celta at home, Eibar and Huesca away and Elche in Anoeta draw their most imminent panorama.

For its part, UEFA He clarified yesterday that if Villarreal win the Europa League, they will lose the league place they occupy at the end of the season. If he is fifth or sixth, there will only be one more place for the Europa League and if he is seventh, there would be no representation of the League in the Conference League.