Three months since the end of ‘Sálvame’, 25 collaborators relocated and two who have been left off television

Three months ago today Telecinco buried Save me after 14 years on the air. The goodbye of this program left part of the audience orphaned and the collaborators who accompanied the viewers for so long without work. However, her time in this program has not been a stain on her resume and almost all of them have found work in record time. They are already close to full employment.

The first were those chosen by Netflix to star in a program that will premiere in October with the name Every man for himself. Belén Esteban, María Patiño, Chelo García Cortés, Kiko Matamoros, Lydia Lozano, Terelu Campos, Víctor Sandoval and Kiko Hernández will jump to the payment platform very soon. Afterwards, who knows what will become of them.

The rest of the panelists have also had no problem finding accommodation outside the set of Save me, within Mediaset or on other channels. Only Rafa Mora is still off television and, in the case of presenters, Carlota Corredera is not on any network either, although she started a podcast. She herself has spoken about her professional situation in recent times. “Talking about feminism has cost me my position on TV,” she once said.

Telecinco initially resisted continuing to rely on the collaborators of Save mebut has ended up welcoming many of them: Antonio Montero has signed for TardeAR and Carmen Borrego has joined This is lifewhere José Antonio Avilés and Cristina Porta are also present. We’ll seeJoaquín Prat’s program, took Kike Calleja, while Marta López has just reappeared in Chinese stories, the new thing from Jorge Javier, who also signed Josep Ferré. In Fiesta There are Pipi Estrada and Omar Suárez. For his part, Miguel Frigenti collaborates in the debates of GH VIP. Inside Guadalix’s house is Carmen Alcayde.

Alberto Díaz’s ‘Public Mirror’ brings together Gema López, Laura Fa and Pilar Vidal

Antena 3 has also taken a few faces from Save me to revitalize a Public mirror that is getting stronger. Alberto Díaz, former director of the Telecinco program, is now responsible for the entertainment part of the Atresmedia magazine. His main signing has been Gema López, who leads this section of Public mirror with Susanna Griso. Laura Fa, Pilar Vidal – is also in And now Sonsoles– or Alonso Caparrós are the other faces that have moved to the rival Telecinco network.

La Sexta recovered Adela González, who had already presented Better late, to host the Saturday afternoon slot with Boris Izaguirre. And TV3 has just given a program to Núria Marín, which also continues on Socialite.

TVE has been the last to fish in the river Save me. The public channel has hired Terelu Campos as a collaborator of SquareJordi González’s new program that premieres on Wednesday, precisely, with an interview with the journalist, just three weeks after the death of his mother.