Those young years of Doña Letizia and Telma Ortiz on the Costa Brava: “Hitchhiking and from camping to camping”

The wave of solidarity that has supported Mrs. Letizia As a result of the despicable smear campaign unleashed by Jaime Peñafiel, it has reached all social strata. In this climate of social support, the queen's sister, Telma Ortiz, It was also meant with a resounding “I love her very much.” Telma, the first defender of her consort, added before the press microphones that her love and admiration already came “as standard.”

It was at the end of a private dinner in honor of Hillary Clinton that was held a few days ago at the Génova Financial Club in Madrid. The press saw Telma Ortiz. The very brief conversation started with a few words from the reporter about the Queen: “How much we love her!” Telma responded: “Me too, very“And he added that his sister is “the best”. Her comment has us “conquered”, the Queen's sister replied: “He already had me conquered as a matter of course.” Very brief, but very clear.

Pilar Eyre assures in Readings that the relationship between both sisters has taken a turn. Very close in their youth, they spent their summers touring the Costa Brava. “Since we didn't have much money, we hitchhiked from campsite to campsite.”as the writer claims, quoting the words of the Queen herself before members of the Princess of Girona Foundation.

The relationship between the two was strained years ago due to the constant appearance in the press of the young career economist who specialized in international relations. She moved to Barcelona in an attempt to escape the spotlight. She had her daughter Amanda in 2008, the result of her relationship with lawyer Enrique Martín-Llop. That same year filed a lawsuit against 57 media outlets for harassment. “An incomprehensible action”, Eyre writes that it turned “against him.” After her came her wedding to Jaime del Burgo, the same man who is now part of Peñafiel's smear campaign by now airing details of her and Letizia's private lives. During those four years of Telma and Jaime's marriage, her relationship with the then princess was “distant.” The new life of Don Felipe's sister-in-law with the Irishman Robert Gavin Bonnar and her new motherhood (Erin) have helped bring these distances closer.