Thomas and Ludmila's messages on the death of George Floyd

The death of the US citizen George Floyd, African American, at the hands of a white police officer who placed his knee on his neck despite the fact that the detainee claimed that he could not breathe, has generated a crisis with few precedents.

In United States there are already several days of protests, but also of riots and confrontations with the authorities. The outrage has reached Europe where in cities like Berlin, London or Amsterdam Protests were given over the treatment of the American police to African American citizens.

The athletes have not been unaware of this situation. And not only in the United States, the epicenter of the earthquake, but also in Europe. For example, in the protest of Amsterdam the player of the Olympique de Lyo
n, Memphis Depay.

At Atlético de Madrid There has also been a reaction. Thomas partey, very aware of this type of discrimination, has shared a conciliatory message. “We are all human,” said the Ghanaian in a photo with his partner Saul. And he added the hasthag that are on everyone's lips at the moment to denounce the situation: #StopRacism #BlackLivesMatter #BetterTogether #blackouttuesday.

In addition, in another post, he joined the #blackouttuesday campaign (Tuesday blackout) with a completely black image. The companion of Atlético de Madrid Women Ludmila da Silva He also joined these messages, with a raised fist to the first message of Thomas. Recall that the Brazilian player has already denounced an episode with racist overtones in our country, according to her point of view.