This will be the possible eleven of Malaga in Vallecas: 13 subsidiaries on the list!

Several striking notes in the list of summoned by Sergio Pellicer for the game this Thursday against Rayo Vallecano. In the first place, the presence of 13 footballers with an affiliate record, a record. These are Juande, Keidi Bare, Gonzalo, Kellyan, Cristo Romero, Ismael, Ramón Enríquez, Iván Jaime, Quintana, Juan Cruz, Larrubia, Rafa Camacho and Mini. A massive presence of youth squads that is justified by the proverbial shortness of the squad, the well-known absences due to injury of Luis Hernández, Luis Muñoz, Aarón Ñíguez, Boulahroud, Dani Pacheco, and Hicham and the sanctioning of the two pichichis of the team, Armando Sadiku and Adrián.

13 subsidiaries and only eleven professionals are those who travel to Madrid to face another decisive match against Rayo. Benkhemassa is the main candidate to occupy Adrián's position in the midfield, while goal scorer Sadiku will be filled by Sergio Buenacasa.

But there is more. Keidi Bare is among Algonones due to the injury he suffered as a result of Rivera's entry, from the Girona, expelled for it. It is more than serious doubt. Although we have included him in the possible starting eleven, it would not be surprising if he did not play, being Rolón and Ramón Enríquez the candidates to take his place.

For the rest, the Malaguista coach will again use his scheme with three centrals that are giving him so good results and that he has recovered the best version of the two lanes, Cifu and Juankar. The doubt is in the left-handed central defender between Diego González and Mikel Villanueva.

Possible eleven: 1 Munir; 12 Cifu, 29 Juande, 5 David Lombán, 3 Diego González, 7 Juankar; 16 Juanpi, 35 Keidi Bare, 24 Benkhemassa; 10 Tete Morente and 17 Buenacasa.

Substitutes: 36 Kellyan 37 Gonzalo (they are goalkeepers), 26 Cristo Romero, 28, Ismael 15 Mikel Villanueva, 11, Renato Santos, 14 Rolón, 30 Ramón Enríquez, 33 Iván Jaime, 42 Quintana, 43 Juan Cruz, 45 Larrubia, 46 Rafa Camacho and 47 Mini.

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