This will be the possible eleven of Malaga against Girona: Another mess for Pellicer

Once again we must make a mandatory reference to the shortage of staff that Malaga has, the work and disgrace of the poor management of Abdullah Al Thani, the horrifying president / tweeter and his idle children that they put the ratillo in the Council of Administration of the club. Of the 18 professionals registered, five will be low again due to different injuries: they are Luis Hernández, Aarón, Níguez, Luis Muñoz, Dani Pacheco and Boulahroud. The sixth loss is the Moroccan winger Hicham, who has a profile of the subsidiary. 13 professionals left. This explains the oxygen balloon that has given the club the renewal of Mikel Villanueva until the end of the work and that he does not leave next Tuesday.

Against Girona it will be an adventure to form a team. The coach can resume the plan to play with three centrales: Juande, Lombán and Diego González, with Cifu (or Ismael) and Juankar helping on the lanes. In the center of the field, the loss in the midfielder Boulahroud, who played in Lugo until his injury, can be covered by Adrián, who was a substitute in Lugo. At his side Juanpi and Keidi Bare. In attack, Hicham's loss will be covered by Tete Morente, who did not play in the Anxo Carro lugonse by contract. In point, Armando Sadiku, who has been warned of a sanction for six months, because he has four yellow cards and if he sees the fifth, Pellicer's drama for the game in Vallecas will increase.

Possible eleven: 1 Munir; 12 Cifu, 29 Juande, 5 David Lombán, 3 Diego González, 7 Juankar; 16 Juanpi, 35 Keidi Bare, 8 Adrián; 10 Tete Morente and 9 Armando Sadiku.

Dock: 37 Gonzalo, 26 Cristo Romero, 28, Ismael 15 Mikel Villanueva, 11, Renato Santos, 14 Rolón, 17 Buenacasa, 20 Benkhemassa 30 Ramón Enríquez, 33 Iván Jaime, 40 Julio, 42 Quintana, 43 Juan Cruz and 44 Larrubia.

Shield / Flag Málaga

Girona Shield / Flag