This will be the possible eleven of Malaga against Albacete: Sadiku and Adrián return

Since Sergio Pellicer decided to go for a defense of five, Málaga has become a recognizable team. He is the least thrashed in Segunda with 31 goals conceded, but the second that marks less, also 31 only above the 30 of Albacete. The young Juande has been wonderfully coupled to the three central scheme led by the best Lombán and with the resurrection of Diego González. This way of playing has rescued the best version of Cifu, with a similar function to that developed in Pablo Machín's Girona. In the center of the field, it is normal for Juanpi to resume ownership, as does Adrián, who has served his penalty match, like Armando Sadiku.

This is the lengthy medical part: Seven more casualties for another week. It is unlikely that any of them can participate in the remainder of the season.

Luis Hernández: Tendinopathy of the iliac psoas in the right leg.

Aaron Ñíguez: Sprain of the internal lateral ligament of the right knee.

Dani Pacheco: Talalgia which has been operated on in Barcelona. Estimated time off, three months.

Hicham: Hamstring injury to left leg pending evaluation.

Boulahroud: Injury in adductor region of left leg pending assessment.

Luis Muñoz: Fibrillar rupture (grade I) in the femoral biceps of the left leg.

July: right ankle sprain

Possible eleven: 1 Munir; 12 Cifu, 29 Juande, 5 David Lombán, 3 Diego González, 7 Juankar; 16 Juanpi, 35 Keidi Bare, 8 Adrián, 10 Tete Morente; and 9 Sadiku.

Bookings: 36 Kellyan 37 Gonzalo (they are goalkeepers), 26 Cristo Romero, 28, Ismael 15 Mikel Villanueva, 11, Renato Santos, 14 Rolón, 17 Buenacasa, 24 Benkhemassa, 30 Ramón Enríquez, 33 Iván Jaime, 42 Quintana, 43 Juan Cruz, 45 Larrubia, 46 Rafa Camacho and 47 Mini.

Shield / Flag Málaga