This will be Princess Charlotte, daughter of the princes of Wales, in the future according to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence promises to revolutionize our lives, although certain montages distort reality and cross certain limits. We are talking about cases like Laura Scaneswho this Tuesday, August 15, came across an unpleasant false image of her naked body on social networks.

“I have received a link where there are nude photos of me edited and created by AI. Apart from feeling totally used and exposed, there is something that makes my blood boil. A woman’s body is not used. Not even for pleasure, neither to abuse nor to manipulate.”The person who created them disgusts me, but also those who are there and find it funny and keep quiet,” denounced the model and influencer, very upset.

Artificial intelligence, for very different purposes, is also being used to, for example, verify how each of us will be in a few years. In this sense, the French magazine Point of view has surprised this Wednesday with an image of the princesa Charlotte from the future. “This is what Princess Charlotte would look like as an adult, according to artificial intelligence. What do you think?” the French outlet has written on their social networks.

On the wall of Instagram comments, users from France and other parts of the world have left a barrage of messages about the physical appearance that could have the daughter of William of England and Kate Middletonwho turned eight years old in May.

“It would be a beautiful young woman”, “Magnificent”, “Beautiful” or “It will be a magnificent mix between Lady Di and Isabel II”, some have written. Other netizens have not been as complimentary: “I don’t like this. If it doesn’t look like this in the future, I know some of you might criticize her. She’s a girl, but let her grow up. Don’t set expectations now” or “Why? Let her grow”.

Charlotte is the middle daughter of the Princes of Wales. George ten years and Louis of five are the other two little ones belonging to Guillermo and Kate. The entire family has accustomed us to star in endearing images in each of their public acts. A few weeks ago we saw them enjoy the Wimbledon final and the historic victory of Carlos Alcaraz from Murcia.