This was the premiere of the most special Robinson Report

The Cineteca del Matadero de Madrid was the setting chosen to host the premiere of the special Robinson Report “Good. Better. Best ” on the trajectory of the recently deceased Michael Robinson. A documentary in which the experiences of one of the most endearing characters in the world of television and sports are reviewed and in which he himself Robinson he participates narrating together with the rest of his colleagues who have accompanied him during these years.

It is a journey that the viewer will attend about Michael's life from his childhood to his last days. With his background football career, the documentary places more emphasis on the personal life of the Briton, his love for Liverpool, his arrival in Pamplona and ‘his’ Cádiz, which he now enjoys in Primera wherever he is.

It is thus the final touch to a series of great audiovisual pieces that the British, together with a great team of scriptwriters, has been sharing with his audience monthly since 2007, using sport as an 'excuse' to tell stories of life that have captivated to both critics and the public.

The latter, how could it be otherwise, also moves and excites to unsuspected limits. The applause of the room after the end of the screening gave a good example of this. Another tribute to Michael.

Accompanied by family and friends

The meeting was attended by the directors of the main sports newspapers in the country, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Jose Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, former athletes such as Fernando Sanz, Luis García or Amaia Valdemoro and colleagues from Robinson himself as well as journalists Juanma Castaño, Antonio Lobato or her also friend and partner Monica Marchante.

A separate chapter for your companion in adventures for many years, Carlos Martinez, who was very excited to remember his great friend again Michael.

The arrival of those attending the room, yes, was marked by anti-Covid protocols and capacity had to be restricted as dictated by current health regulations. Still, the spirit of that Robinson who knew how to cross the barriers of television and ‘sneak’ into the halls of all Spain analyzing football in a very special way.