This was the control to enter the Metropolitan

The first post coronavirus match in the Wanda Metropolitano, the Atlético-Valladolid, was also marked by the zeal put in by both the rojiblanco club and LaLiga so that everything went perfectly, maximizing security measures.

In addition to the team members, only security personnel, club workers and the media (in a reduced number, and among which was Mundo Deportivo), were able to access the Metropolitano to witness the meeting.

The control of access to journalists, as in the rest of the LaLiga game, was exhaustive. Even the smallest detail was checked. It was necessary to enter by groups, each one on time, according to the function that is performed. Two temperature controls, one on the perimeter, and one already inside the stadium, putting your hand, arm or forehead on the reader. Hydroalcoholic gel for the hands and disinfectant for the backpacks. These controls were passed by all those who entered the Metropolitano.

Temperature control to enter the Metropolitan
Temperature control to enter the Metropolitan

And already in the press box, everyone separated. Also club workers or security members. At least three meters between journalist and journalist in the Metropolitan. The elevators were not used, and club staff took the editors to their location in groups. And just after the match, outside the stadium.

Because now, there are no regular press conferences and the footballers do not stand before the media in the mixed zone either. Everything telematically.