This was María Teresa Campos’ last goodbye in Malaga: tears, singing and a packed church

Six days after her death in Madrid at the age of 82, the residents of Malaga were able to say goodbye to their most illustrious neighbor at a funeral held in the Church of San Pablo. Her daughters have moved there, who hours before had fulfilled her mother’s last wish: to deposit her ashes in La Paloma to rest with grandmother Concepción and aunt Leli.

Terelu and Carmen Borregodestroyed and dressed completely in black, have been supported by their closest circle: Alejandra Rubio and her father, the Almoguera brothers, José Carlos Bernal and Gustavo, among others. The town of Malaga, a land that he saw grow Maria Teresa Campos, has dedicated himself to the family and has conveyed condolences and affection to them. “She has carried the name of Málaga with pride and we, proud of her work, want to accompany her daughters at this moment,” he said. Mayor Francisco de la Torre.

Two good friends of the family also did not want to miss the funeral of María Teresa Campos: Diana Navarro and Juan Peña. The first could not attend the farewell in Madrid: “I am going to sing the Lord’s Prayer. I have come to honor Teresa as she deserves.” The artist, for his part, is very close to the two Campos sisters: “They are destroyed, they have been orphaned and that is very hard”. And she added: “I want to remember her as a good friend and good mother, very generous, always supporting music and culture.”