This is the story of Messi in the Champions captured in a song

Last week the football world had to see how they made fun of a player from Real Madrid in the sports program broadcast at night, 'The beach bar'. In it, one of its main artists, Cristóbal Soria, dedicated to Hazard a song in which he laughed at the player's overweight, referring to the hamburgers he ate. This time, a member of the public has taught a song by making a song that has nothing to do with the bullying suffered by the Real Madrid player.

Since the FC Barcelona champion of the Champions League In 2015, the European competition has not been to the liking of the Catalans, since their last-minute eliminations when they had won the match have given rise to talk. Step with Rome and it happened with him Liverpool, and this has been the main reason for the song that a member of the public has dedicated to Messi

When the program was about to end, this person asks to sing a song 'challenging' to Soria in his mockery of Hazard although the song that he had prepared was not a mockery, but a reality in the history of the Barça Y Messi in the Champions League these last months. PedrerolHe agreed to listen to the song and has so far been applauded by many. (Disgusting: The Chiringuito mocked Hazard in a mean way)

Following the rhythm of the song of Becky G 'Seniors', the new version said: “Messi likes to be called the flea, although sometimes he forgets when Rome arrives. Messi likes to be told poetry in his ear at night while he thinks he wins. He likes a Champions League, which it’s in Anfield, that it’s in Rome, what does it matter if they paint our faces. I like the goals that come from corner, Origi and Manolas. Five years in the Champions League, that doesn’t fit my head