This is the qualifying phase: Sweden can stamp your ticket

The penultimate day of the qualifying phase for the 2022 European Championship in England. At the moment there is three teams already qualified: the host and organizer, England, plus Germany and the Netherlands. Sweden can also seal their direct pass in Group F if they beat Iceland. Meanwhile, Belgium can secure their lead in Group H if they beat Romania and Switzerland lose to Lithuania, something quite difficult. In the rest of the groups, we will still have to wait to meet their mathematical leaders, although Two games stand out above all: Italy vs Denmark and Austria vs France.

Group A: Fight for second place

With Holland already classified, the dispute is about to get second position. Russia starts with an advantage since it has 15 points in seven games, by Estonia's 12 in eight and Kosovo's ten in seven games. The Russians host a Turkey that is playing nothing, while Slovenia's match against bottom Estonia has been postponed. If Russia beat Turkey and Kosovo did not defeat the Netherlands in the other group match, they would secure second place.

Group B: Denmark and Italy for the lead

Denmark and Italy are confirmed as first and second in their group, although now the order in which they qualify will be decided in a double confrontation between the two. The Danes have won all eight matches played while the Italians have done the same, but in seven games, as they have one match pending against Israel. In the other engagement, with nothing at stake, Georgia receives Israel.

Group C: Norway visit Wales

Norway looks like they will have no problem qualifying as group winners. He has won all five games he has played and visits Wales, who will have to settle for fighting for second place with Belarus. The latter host Northern Ireland. The Nordics can qualify directly if they score more points against Wales than Belarus scores against Northern Ireland.

Group D: Poland will lead if they beat Moldova

Spain, with a foot and a half in England as the first in the group despite adding one less game than Poland and the Czech Republic, rest on this day. The Poles could overtake Vilda's if they beat Moldova at home. The Czech Republic, for its part, hosts Azerbaijan. If all the results are as expected, we will have to wait until the next day to know the final future of the group.

Group E: Scotland visits Finland

It is the most open group of all. Finland leads with ten points and one game more than Scotland, which has nine points from three games, and Portugal, which has seven. The Scots are looking to continue their full victory in their visit to Finland while Portugal is confident of the victory against Cyprus at home to continue in the fight for the first position.

Group F: Sweden can get their ticket to England

Sweden could be classified as the group leader if they beat Iceland, with whom they already tied in the other match between the two teams and which has three points less and one more game than the Swedes. In the other group match, Slovakia and Latvia meet, with the Slovenians having very little chance of finishing in second place.

Group G: Unbeaten and unbeaten France and Austria face off

France and Austria meet in a duel of undefeated and unbeaten. They have won everything in the five games they have played to date, but only the finery have secured at least second place after the win against North Macedonia (11-0). Both will have to be measured again on the next day and the Austrians should add at least one point to be second. Serbia, which does not play this day, is on the prowl three points behind both. And it is that in the last day Austria is measured with the possibility of getting second if they get a better victory than 0-1 in the first leg.

Group H: Switzerland and Belgium for first place

Switzerland and Belgium are already the first two of the group in a mathematical way and now they will elucidate the order. Switzerland visits Romania, while Belgium does the same against Lithuania. If Switzerland wins and Belgium loses, the Swiss will be first in the group. The most normal thing is that the leadership is decided on the last day in a direct duel between the Swiss and the Belgians.

Group I: Fight for second place

With Germany already classified as first in the group, the fight is for second place. If Ukraine beats Greece on Tuesday they will stay one point behind Northern Ireland so both will play second place on the last day as Ireland hosts the impossible Germany while Ukraine hosts the weak Montenegro. If the Ukrainians did not beat the Greeks the second place would be for Ireland.