This is the moment Kate Middleton became a Hollywood star: “Those legs!” her fans sigh

Her total red look caused a sensation. Kate Middleton She captivated with a very British-inspired monochrome outfit, which was praised by fashion gurus. He was a dress with matching cape, pamela and pumps. A day later, the media took out the magnifying glass and captured a detail. The moment the Princess of Wales gets out of the car. Guillermo’s wife puts one foot out of her, looks for support on the floor, stretches her leg and stands up. She’s just like a movie star.

Impossible to beat this image. Kate has inherited the glamor of her predecessor, Diana, and made it her own. Her most faithful followers have picked it up like this.

And the haters: “She looks like a mother-in-law”

As the networks present a b-side, at the same time that Kate’s fans surrendered to her great style, The Princess of Wales has been criticized for her “aged, sad and old” image. With an implacable and hater tone, many users have made her look ugly that she looks like “a mother-in-law.” It was just a week ago, when Kate posed with Camilla on Remembrance Day (pictured below). Some merciless words that do not do justice to this 41-year-old woman. For the central event of this day, Kate wore a black outfit as a sign of respect for the memory of those who fell in the World War. She also had a straight and serious countenance.