This is the LaLiga security protocol within the stadiums

As happens outside of the venues, LaLiga has also implemented a comprehensive security protocol within the stadiums. The teams, workers, press and operators must adapt to the new circumstances derived from the pandemic on the return from competition.

Limited capacity in stadiums

Leaving aside the obligation to play without the heat of the fans, access to the stadiums will also be limited. The protocol contemplates that in the most relevant matches, with a greater technical need, 230 people can access, while the rest will not exceed 200, including the players, coaches, assistants, employees and a maximum of three managers.

LaLiga will also limit the presence of the media in stadiums. Four televisions without rights, 8 photographers, 5 radios and 6 written press editors will be the only ones who will be able to access the venue on the first and second leg of the League for the final stretch of the season. At the end of the matches there will be a telematic press conference of the coaches.

Temperature taking

All personnel who want to enter the stadium must go through an exhaustive security check that includes taking the temperature. One by one, staff members will pass this requirement before entering the compound. Once inside, LaLiga provides a sanitary protocol to which everyone must conform. All personnel, including players and members of the coaching staff and members of the association, must access the facilities with masks and gloves.

Safety distances

The distance between people will be one of the keynotes in the stadiums. The benches will be extended with seats on the sides, or in the first rows of the stands, in order to accommodate the templates and that they can respect the safety distances.

Except for the game, players should at all times avoid direct contact, such as shaking hands or hugging. The celebration of goals is not prohibited, however it is recommended not to do it in a group.

No initial greeting

At the same time, the prolegomena of the parties will be reduced to a minimum. The typical handrail between players and referees will disappear, as will the team photo and the exchange of pennants. In addition, footballers are urged to jump onto the field in stages and not as a group.

Thorough disinfection

Before jumping onto the field to start the warm-up and the game, both footballers and college players should wash their hands with hydroalcoholic gel. During the break, the players will have to change their equipment completely and when everything ends, shirts and pants will be left in a container to be disinfected. The ball will also be disinfected before the match, as will the rest of the balls that are used during the match.

Also as a recommendation, players are urged not to spit during the match. The referee will not sanction those who do so, however, it is requested to restrict this situation as much as possible.

Minute of silence

The RFEF and LaLiga announced that in all their professional and non-professional competitions a minute of silence will be observed in memory of the thousands of deceased victims of COVID-19.