This is the divorce draft between Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón: neither house nor compensatory pension

The couple still takes giant steps to make their separation official as soon as possible. The negotiations are being friendly and for this reason this Monday, nine days after announcing their final break, they have managed to prepare the first draft. It states, among other things, that Ana Maria Aldon will leave the marital home and move to a house very close to it.

There is no rush either, as the two have commented on several occasions. The priority is her son and that he maintain his school and his friends, so Ana María is taking time to find the best home in the neighborhood.

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The draft contemplates other issues. According to Jose Antonio Aviles, Ortega Cano and his still wife have agreed that there will be no compensatory pension for her. However, the bullfighter will take care of all the expenses derived from the child they have in common: school, doctors, etc. The commentator affirms that, except for some last-minute annotation or specification, the agreement will be signed in the next week.

The marriage, which said “yes, I do” in 2018, has not been able to overcome a crisis that began a year ago, coinciding with the broadcast of the documentary Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive. Ana María, who was never fully accepted by the bullfighter’s family, publicly claimed her place and began a decline that led them to put physical distance at the beginning of the summer. After a few months of reflection, Aldón has put an end to their relationship: “Each one for his own”.