This is how Vargas Llosa summarizes his summer without Isabel Preysler: “After eight years I have returned to paradise”

He already confessed that he was a freed man after breaking up with Isabella Preysler. However, the Nobel Prize for Literature has now gone further and explained how he spent his first summer after saying goodbye to the queen of hearts. It must be remembered that after leaving Villa Meona forever, he resumed ties with Patricia Llosa: his cousin, his (ex) wife and the mother of his three children.

With her he has spent a few weeks in Salzburg. The two have resumed together the tradition of attending the summer festival of the Austrian city. “After eight years I have returned to paradise. I always remember the day, dozens of years ago, when Ernst Keller, a Swiss businessman living in Peru who had an educational foundation, awaited Patricia and me with a package of tickets for the functions of the summer festival held in Salzburg and which runs from the end of July to the last day of August”, recalls the Peruvian in an article written by himself in The country.

Mario Vargas Llosa this summer in Marbella with Patricia and his son Álvaro

“Since then, every summer since and ever since Patricia and I have appeared here to bathe in good music and see the best operas. And also since then I read specialized reviews and musical information in newspapers and magazines, although the lack of time doesn’t give me as much as I would like”, he adds.

At this point, the author of The city and the Dogs he doesn’t mention the eight years they’ve been apart. It must be remembered that he left her for Preysler in 2015 after celebrating 50 years of marriage. Patricia herself then expressed her outrage publicly. It seems that they don’t even remember this parenthesis.

This summer, already reconciled, Mario and Patricia have once again enjoyed the festival together: “These weeks, in which I have seen a fantastic production of Macbeth, Verdi’s opera, and, for the first time, the trojans, the monumental opera by Berlioz, have finished, to the despair of all the walkers who have come to this corner of Austria. There are 12 months left for them to reappear, with their volumes of good and bad literature, with the books that have been separating from the others because of their titles or paragraphs and that are waiting to be devoured these days. Devoured, yes, and that is the most accurate expression, “says Vargas Llosa in his publication.

The break between Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa was announced by herself. The mother of Ana Boyer and Enrique Iglesias chose April Fool’s Day last year to explain it in her magazine, Hola. She claimed unfounded jealousy of the writer, while he explained that his lifestyles were different.

Shortly after, the Peruvian intellectual confessed: “I have recovered my freedom.” As we already collected in Informaliafrom the family environment they say that for him Isabel is just “a bad memory, a mistake of maturity, a madness that was about to cost him his health and separate him from his loved ones.”