This is how United responds to Pogba’s desire to sign for Madrid

“Your head is not in the club and you want to have a new challenge.” The Manchester Evening News could not be more categorical in affirming the intentions of Paul Pogba Looking forward to next season. The French midfielder was the player who asked Zinedine Zidane to strengthen the spinal cord but the Manchester United He flatly refused to even negotiate.

The entity of Old Trafford it did not lower its economic pretensions of 180-200 million euros and the Real Madrid could not undertake the operation to consider the price a barbarity, even more after the disbursement made in the rest of signings. It was not a drama either before the irruption and projection of Fede Valverde.

Now the ‘Pogba operation’ returns to gain strength after a season weighed down by injuries and because he ends contract next June 30, 2021. It has no intention of renewing, so the United he will have to sell it yes or yes to get ‘cut’ for him and not leave next season for free. (With Hazard, Zidane already has what he wanted for Real Madrid)

In fact, given the information from the Manchester Evening News that Pogba He has no head on his current team, the English club already assumes his goodbye. The Mirror has ensured that the United he already assumes his imminent goodbye, self-convincing that his star is not going to renew and will have to leave this summer. Do not forget that you have already signed Bruno Fernandes To cover your back.