This is how the state of alarm will affect the world of sport

The decree of the state of alarm has come into force today. The Extraordinary Council of Ministers has approved a tool that aims to control and reduce the ravages of the pandemic in Spain. This constitutional instrument does not explicitly indicate any restriction regarding the world of sport.. However, the new regulations on mobility and Public Health will affect this sector to a greater or lesser extent in the professional and non-professional sphere, as reported by the SER.

Each autonomous community may decide whether to allow citizens to enter and leave their territory, according to the incidence of the virus in each geographical area. This decision has sown doubts among athletes and employees of the sector, since they come into conflict with travel and training. Under these conditions, it is impossible to be certain that the forecasts of a federated athlete or club are met.

The aforementioned restrictions will not be an inconvenience for professional competitions. The decree contemplates several exceptions, among which is the “compliance with labor, professional, business, institutional or legal obligations“Therefore, these athletes will be able to carry out their activity normally despite the measures. Of course, the sum of positive cases could jeopardize holding, for example, a meeting, as we are seeing these days.

With this measure applied by the Government the possibilities of seeing the public in stadiums and sports venues disappear in the short and even medium term. One of the events that could be affected is the Long-awaited postponed final of the Copa del Rey to be played by Athletic Club and Real Sociedad, a match whose date was modified in order to be able to give entrance to the fans in La Cartuja (Seville).

By cons, the field of non-professional sports does not have the same certainties. The prohibition of travel could be a handicap for the activity of these athletes if the autonomous communities consider it. Also keep in mind the night curfew, which could make things even more difficult. It is expected that the competitions can be played normally, but training and travel could be affected by the new state of alarm.