This is how the reconciliation between Carmen Borrego, her son and her daughter-in-law has been staged at the cremation of María Teresa

Maria Teresa Campos She has been cremated on the morning of this Wednesday, September 6, among the tears of her loved ones. Her daughters, the rest of her family and her closest friends have fired her in the strictest privacy after the warm expressions of affection they received this Tuesday at the funeral home from great friends, information professionals and political representatives.

Even the La Paz funeral home in Tres Cantos (Madrid) has moved this Wednesday the son of Carmen Borrego, Jose Maria Almogueraand his daughter-in-law, Paola Olmedo. After months separated by the audios in which Paola criticized the Campos clan, the waters have calmed down in the hardest moments for the family.

The two parked in the funeral home parking lot and Carmen herself went looking for them, staging the family reconciliation. Terelu’s sister gave them the yellow roses, Maria Teresa’s favorites, with which they have bid farewell to her mother during her sad cremation.

According to Week, José María also had the opportunity to say goodbye to his grandmother at the Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital, where María Teresa died on Tuesday after being admitted on Sunday due to acute respiratory failure. There he talked at length with his mother.

It must be remembered that in June of this year, José María and Paola had their first child, the first grandson for Carmen Borrego and the first great-grandson of María Teresa, Marc. On that occasion, family misunderstandings also parked. The veteran communicator had the opportunity to proudly meet her great-grandson and Carmen told it emotionally in Lectures: “It had been many days since I had seen my mother smile and seeing her eyes full of joy was very special,” she explained.

Without a doubt, the family celebrated that the matriarch fulfilled her wish to become a great-grandmother in life. This Wednesday they had to say goodbye to her forever in the Madrid funeral home. Her ashes will be transferred to Malaga, where the mother of María Teresa rests. Thus, the last will of the legend of Spanish communication is fulfilled.