This is how Rodolfo Sancho has lived the request for capital punishment for his son Daniel: “He has accepted it as a full stop”

Broken and hopeless. This is how the family is daniel sancho after the press conference given on Tuesday by the Thai police. The chef has been charged with premeditated murder for the death of Edwin Arrieta and the prosecution asks for him the death penalty. Hours later, the spokeswoman for Rodolfo Sancho y Silvia Bronchalo has revealed: “The family has accepted it as a full stop to everything that was expected.”

The lawyer Carmen Balfagonin charge of Daniel’s defense from Spain, has revealed how the family is on this complicated day: “Bad, like anything that derives from this whole matter. The fit of the family is very bad, this issue is very difficult to live from the point of view of the family”.

A few hours before, the expert issued a statement announcing that she would pause her public interventions until the media pressure at the gates of Rodolfo Sancho’s home did not cease. However, reading her after the Thai police press conference has forced her to break her word: “In Thailand, a foreigner has never been executed. We are going to try to ensure that Daniel Sancho is not an exception”has said.

The appearance of Big Joke, number 2 of the Thai Police, has been very confusing and contradictory. New data on the case have been revealed, such as that Edwin Arrieta received two stab wounds or that his body was dismembered into 10 parts and not 14, as had been published, but unknowns continue about the cause of death, the murder weapon or the motive of the crime, since the police did not want to speak about the supposed death threats that Daniel and his family would have received from the Colombian surgeon. “This is a joke. There is something very shady here”Balfagon said.