This is how Prince William settles the bizarre theories about Kate and “the madness of social networks”

Kate Middleton has become the center of social media rumors. The appearance of her in her car with her mother, Carole, at the wheel, in the vicinity of Windsor Castle, has become the talk of users who took apart the photograph pixel by pixel. Even the Audi was inspected with a magnifying glass. The media tsunami reached People, who contacted Kensington Palace. This has been the response.

The photograph of Kate Middleton and her mother was staged like this. Near Windsor, in daylight and inside a car. The princess, 42 years old, smiles slightly. She is wearing sunglasses, she is protected from the spotlights, but at one point she looks at the camera. Many users insist that it is her sister Pippa.

The car ride with Mrs. Middleton is the first image we have of Charles III’s daughter-in-law since last December 25. This with a two-week hospitalization in between and an abdominal surgery of which no details have been revealed. Nor about her recovery. This iron secrecy around her person has unleashed “social media madness”, according to what they say from the palace. Guillermo, active in his agenda after a few weeks off taking care of his wife, is fed up with this noise, which only amplifies the rumor mill. So much so, that the prince has settled the speculation through a person close to him, which he has launched into the magazine People a resounding: “Guillermo is focused on his work, not on social networks”. Some words that have been picked up by the British media, including Daily Mirror.

And the return of the princess?

This rumor about the princess reached its peak when the date of her return to work was announced. It was launched as a fact that it would be on June 8, on the occasion of Trooping The Color of the King. A date that Kensington Palace has not confirmed. That Kate Middleton’s name appeared on the military parade’s website sparked a wave of interest in the population, who rushed to buy their tickets to see the princess. At this point, the BBC published that the Defense did not have confirmation from the House about Kate’s attendance at the parade. Furthermore, they explained this confusion by the fact that the appearance of the Princess of Wales had been due to her status as a Colonel in the Irish Guards.