This is how Genoveva Casanova sabotaged the last cover she stars in: posing to detract from the exclusive

He had not shown any signs of life for months. Specifically, since the historical images of him with the current King Frederick of Denmark. Since then, Genoveva Casanova It has been searched and there has even been speculation about its hiding place. Until last week, when Informalia He announced that the former Cayetano Martínez de Irujo He was the star signing of the new edition of The challenge, the Antena 3 program produced by Pablo Motos and presented by Roberto Leal. Even so, the Mexican did not want to show her face and on the first day of recording the format she appeared in the studios covered under a blanket.

However, Genoveva came out of her media hiding place and reappeared on social networks this Tuesday as soon as the new cover of Readings to break the exclusive of the magazine directed by Luis Pliego. That is the reason why we suddenly found the Mexican, who published two images with her very smiling pet, as we already collected. It is accompanied by this text: “Hello everyone! Here I am back. I want to thank all the people who have cared about me this last year, those who have understood my absence and my silence and those who have made me messages of love and support. You can’t imagine how important that has been for me. My heartfelt thanks. It’s been a few months in which I needed peace and tranquility, but I’m already doing my best to, little by little, to be able to return to my normal life and fulfill my work commitments. Once again, thank you millions. Taj and I leave you our best smile with some photos of our walk this afternoon and we wish you all a very good night.”

As you have been able to know Informalia, this reaction from Genoveva has not been coincidental. Federico’s friend from Denmark had planned to continue without showing signs of life but, after knowing that Readings It had her on its cover, with a cap, a mask and giving an image that she wanted to remain hidden, Cayetano’s ex listened to the advice of her friends, among them, her representative Susana Urribarriand decided to publish those images showing his face and smiling with his pet, thereby managing to dilute (deactivate) this new cover of the magazine, the same one that brought to light his story with the king of Denmark.

In fact, this week it became known that the Mexican, thanks to her ex’s lawyers, has drafted a lawsuit of more than 400 pages. With this she intends to compensate for the bad supposed suffering that she has experienced after her date with Mary Donaldson’s husband came to light and her speculations about her relationship with him. According to her journalist friends, the former daughter-in-law of the Duchess of Alba has spent these four months very poorly psychologically, so much so that those closest to her have feared for her health, which is delicate due to a pulmonary embolism she suffered last month. June and that she was admitted to a Madrid hospital for several days.

Her ex-husband, who has been protecting her all this time, said on a television program: “They have done a lot of damage to her and to my children a lot of damage and I hope that the weight of the law falls on those people.” The heir to the Danish Throne, now king, walking in public with a very famous woman is a newsworthy fact that no court will condemn. Another thing is that Genoveva, a character of undeniable public relevance, considers that her relationship with Mary Donaldson’s husband has served certain people or media to slander her.

What many point out is that Genoveva is also preparing an exclusive, negotiated by her representative, Susana Uribarri, to talk about the subject, but others say not. “Will be on The anthill and ignoring the issue of the king. He will never talk about this topic again,” they assure us. We will have to wait to see who is right.