This is how Corinna managed her ‘revenge’ in podcast format against King Juan Carlos I

Corinna Larsen returns to the charge and this time he does it with the podcast launch where he talks in great detail about his relationship with Mr. Juan Carloswhom he calls “ruthless”, and the harassment he suffered from the emeritus, with whom he is immersed in a legal battle before the British courts.

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The episodes, which will see the light in full on November 7, review their conversations about a possible wedding and the “multiple infidelities” of Doña Sofía’s husband until their breakup, when, according to Corinna, they warned her that “if not to continue instructions could die in a tunnel like Princess Diana.

The podcast of the German princess will probably leave the image of Juan Carlos I on the tightrope again and worry the king Philip VIwho has been trying to put his father’s controversial departure to Abu Dhabi in 2020 behind him, and which the protagonist also talks about.

The release date of Corinna and the King Coincidentally coincides with the hearing in the Court of Appeals of the High Court of England and Wales of the case for harassment against Letizia’s father-in-law by Corinna. Although, the producers of the project, Tom Wright y Bradley Hopehave assured that it is mere chance: “At no time has it had any relationship with other aspects beyond the control of the producers or promoted by third parties.”

The same producers have also clarified that Larsen “has not taken any financial compensation to himself” for such statements, nor has he been part of the selection of “content, participants or themes” of the eight podcasts and insist that It is an independent project produced by the content studio Project Brazen and PRX.

Wright and Hope are two investigative journalists and former reporters for The Wall Street Journal. Both became known for the publication of their book The fraud of the century in which they tell “how a young entrepreneur managed to swindle more than 5 billion dollars from the global financial industry”. In an interview with The reasonHope has assured that this is not just a Corinna project but an investigation where other characters are also included.

However, from the environment of the emeritus they assure that Don Juan Carlos has not been amused by the content of the podcast when he has listened to it from his residence in Abu Dhabi, although he admits that “he no longer loses sleep”. “But nothing is by chance. She is a woman who always does things with an intention, she is calculating and plans her movements to the millimeter. It is clear that she only wants to keep the 64 million that he supposedly gave her in 2012”, says the same source to The Spanish.