This is how Carlo Costanzia wins 40,000 euros

The boyfriend has been there for less than two hours. Alejandra Rubio sitting on the pristine white sofa From Friday. He has responded to the criticism received these days, he has shot Alessandro Lequio and Ana Rosa Quintana, he has told how he found out about the pregnancy, how his parents have taken it… But everything has been ‘overshadowed’ by the two great moments of the night: his sugary encounter with Terelu Camposa brand new collaborator on the program, and a tense scuffle with Jose Antonio Leon.

First the mother-in-law, who has been watching the ‘son-in-law’ interview from a private room. She has not intervened at any time but once on the set, she lovingly hugged Alejandra’s boyfriend and thanked him for how well she treats the girl: “As a father, knowing that your daughter is with someone who respects her, who cares for her, who loves her, who protects her… is wonderful. Thank you.”he said in a broken voice. Smiling, he said that Carlo had been very calm and correct: “As I expected, until the end, which was a little more tense, but that is also normal.”

And the ‘fault’ of that tension has been José Antonio León. The journalist asked Carlo about his ex-girlfriend, Jeimy, to whom he allegedly asked for a second chance when he was already with Alejandra, something that the Italian denies. He states that she only wants to get on the bandwagon of fame to make money (“and buy the car she bought”) and León responded: “But it’s the same thing you do. You can do it and others can’t?”. “I was born famous”he concluded.

With Terelu at his side, Carlo resumed the argument with Léon: “I don’t know why you have that grudge against me,” said Mar Flores’ son. “Maybe you want to meet Jeimy, I’ll give you the phone number”. A ‘joke’ that did not please the journalist: “So much education that you say you have, I hope you take that back because I have had my wife at home for three years. And I am not talking about my private life, I am not the one who has been paid 40,000 euros to sit there”he said angrily while Patricia Pérez tried to calm him down. Finally, Terelu intervened: “Carlo, sitting here is very difficult, but being there and asking uncomfortable questions is also. José Antonio is wonderful and his wife, Rocío, whom I love very much, is also wonderful, but sometimes that is our job too and with education you can ask absolutely everything.”