This has been the resounding fall of Negreira that fills the television grids

José María Enríquez Negreirawho was number 2 on the arbitration committee, suffered a fall this Tuesday due to a trip shortly before entering the Institute of Legal Medicine of Catalonia building.

The former vice president of the Arbitration Technical Committee (CTA) had to go this Tuesday to the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Catalonia so that a forensic doctor will examine whether or not he suffers from symptoms of dementia, after he requested the right not to testify in the case being investigated and will plead this cause before the judge.

The recognition has been carried out by order of the head of the investigating court number 1 of Barcelona, Joaquin Aguirrewhich investigates the fate of those near 7 million euros that he FC Barcelona paid Enríquez Negreira and his son between 2001 and 2018.

Moments before entering the building, at a time of great media attention, the former referee suffered a spectacular fall. Thanks to the fact that he was holding his wife’s arm, he was able to avoid worse consequences, although his back suffered a great impact against the ground. Immediately afterwards, both his wife and his lawyer tried to help him continue with his departure and access the place where the pertinent tests would be performed.

The report presented by Negreira

The former number 2 of the Technical Arbitration Committee suffers from the beginning of Alzheimer’s, according to the medical report presented by his lawyer to the Judicial Police Unitas reported The Spanish. Furthermore, Negreira’s defense used the report from one of the reference centers in the treatment of this disease: Alzheimer Center de Barcelona.

Negreira suffers one “mild dementia”with memory impairment and remaining “partially oriented in time, space or person,” according to the writing.

With the medical examination this Tuesday, the judge tries to certify the true existence of said disease in the accused, as well as determine if he is in a position to be interrogated and respond coherently to the eventual trial that could be held. Furthermore, the actual suffering of this disease could exempt him from criminal responsibility, with respect to the crime of receiving million-dollar payments from the FC Barcelona during years.