This has been his long history of infidelities

This Friday night, July 5th, is going to be hot on Telecinco. Alvaro Muñoz Escassi sits on the set of Friday! to give his version of his breakup with Maria Jose Suareza real soap opera that in recent days has been giving spectacular -and unexpected- twists while details of the reason why the model has sent the rider away were revealed. The plot heated up with the gruesome email that a woman whose identity is hidden under the initials VC sent to María José Suárez -only 48 hours after returning from her cruise- with details about the infidelities that her ex-boyfriend had committed with her, as well as some types of practices that both had shared or Álvaro’s promise to spend a few days of vacation together. All this has come just after the scandal that occurred at the Turronero party where the name of another woman in dispute, that of Hiba Aboukappeared when several people saw a more than affectionate attitude between the actress and Álvaro at the party. Well, tonight he has the audacity to sit on the set of Santi Acosta and Bea Archidona’s program to clarify everything and give his version of the events. We’ll see how he deals with the list of disloyalties that might be to come..

And, without going any further, last September, Álvaro came into the spotlight when at a party MasterChef Celebrity organized by TVE at the FesTVal we learned that he tried to flirt with a waitress, flirted with and groped several girls who were part of the show’s wardrobe team and ended up whispering a rather vulgar proposition to a young journalist: “Tonight I’m going to eat your whole ass”were his exact words, according to the reporter. Even images of this flirtation were recorded, but then María José Suárez played down everything and said that their relationship was going great…

But, Can María José really be surprised by everything that has now been revealed, knowing the history of betrayals that has often accompanied Escassi? Even the women who are fond of him have uncovered them. We remember that in a Deluxe of January 2023 was the own Lara Dibildosmother of his son Álvaro, who unashamedly admitted: “Álvaro cheated on me the first week or the second at the most. He really liked to enjoy life (…). He is playful,” she said, although she sought a justification for his infidelities by claiming: “I caught him at his worst, he liked everyone and he liked everyone.”

A fool who thought she had managed to reform it was Patricia Martinezwho had a relationship with Álvaro between 2010 and 2013. During their courtship, while he told her that she was the woman of his life, he wanted to get married and have a girl with her, Patricia received rumors on several occasions about affairs that her boyfriend had with other women, and once she even caught him in a bathroom with another woman, which triggered a major crisis. But the certainty of his infidelity would come with Escassi’s participation in Look who’s jumping! when rumors began to emerge that the feeling in between Sonia Ferrer and the rider was not only evident in front of the cameras. They denied it at first, until they stopped hiding and Patricia was left looking like a big cuckold..

And the infidelities and betrayals continued. On December 28, 2017, Escassi married the millionaire Venezuelan businesswoman Raquel Bernal in Punta Cana. The marriage only lasted five months, because they say that she never fully trusted her husband… And her suspicions became evident when a young woman stated on television that on the very day of Álvaro and Raquel’s wedding, she received messages from Escassi that were more than compromising. According to her, he contacted her on Instagram and at no time did he tell her that he had a girlfriend or that he was getting married. “He would wake me up with a good morning, darling. And his messages would be like: ‘I can’t wait to see you’ or ‘you look so hot’. At no point did he tell me he had a partner or anything. We didn’t have any more because I didn’t want to,” she said, and then commented: “When I saw the cover of his wedding, I was shocked. I’m still in shock. What a cynic. The day he was getting married he was talking to me. And I don’t know, he married a starving woman. She is completely deceived and it is he who has to give explanations.”But there was more. That same day, Deluxe brought to light the player’s words Jose Luis Lunawho confessed that Escassi also flirted with his girlfriend before marrying Raquel Bernal and told her that with what they got from that wedding they would both have enough to live on for the rest of their lives.

Just a year later, in 2018, Alvaro seemed to settle down with Carmen Matutesbut soon it was also said that the relationship ended because he was unfaithful to her with the porn actress Apolonia Lapiedraas reported in The summer program. Apparently, the rider had contacted the actress in early 2018, sending her messages like: “I really want to see you… did you know that? I want everything with you. I need you. Do you want to be mine?”, or “I think about you, I hope I don’t seem like a pest. I think about you more than you think. I want to be yours, for you to kiss me.”.

Marta López does not have good memories of her relationship with Álvaro either.And not because of the issue of cuckoldry, because, she says, their affair only lasted one night, but because he later denied it: “He said he had nothing to do with me and the worst of all is that he didn’t remember. I don’t know if he didn’t remember because I changed a lot after having my nose operated on! Or because it was a silly thing, one night,” she said without holding back.

We will see if the list of betrayed and resentful women against Escassi continues to grow these days, because the soap opera has only just begun.