This club is the owner of Chelsea: New millionaire sponsorship

The Chelsea begins his new era at the controls of Todd Boehlywho bought the club from Roman Abramovich, with a strategic move in a new millionaire sponsorship for the sleeve of the shirt next season.

The London club has announced a deal with the cryptocurrency brand WhaleFin ahead of 2022-23. The total amount of this collaboration it will be about 23 million euros per season, replacing the Hyundai car brand, which paid half (58 ‘kilos’ in a five-season agreement). WhaleFin, a Singapore company, is part of a digital asset platform owned by the Amber Group.

This deal marks Chelsea’s first official move into crypto in the Premier League, while Liverpool and Manchester United could soon announce a deal with Standard Chartered and Tezos respectively.

“This is a very exciting partnership for the club, aligning us with one of the most advanced digital asset companies in the world. As Amber Group continues to expand their platform coverage globally, they will now have the ability to not only talk to hundreds of millions of fans of the Chelsea around the world, but also to be seen by those who tune in to the Premier League all season long,” said Guy Lawrence, Chelsea CEO.

Amber Group CEO Michael Wu said: “Our partnership with Chelsea is a defining moment as we embark on the next stage of our global growth.”

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