Third Playoff Results: this is how the promotion to Second B was

Third Division closes this Saturday, July 25. It spread more than other years, due to the pandemic, and was even stipulated with the possibility of permanently canceling the competition due to lack of security. However, the Federation bet on maintaining promotions and forgiving decreases so it was. 36 teams, from 18 different groups, arrive at the grand final. The 'final four' format left a vibrant semifinals last week and in this one it will fill 18 cities with joy. As it happened in the previous duels, there will be no overtime or penalties and the tie will favor the best ranked in the regular season. Two places will still be pending, which will be awarded by the FEF in a format yet to be finalized. This is how the conference developed:

Group XII: San Fernando 1 – Tamaraceite 2

The U. D. Tamaraceite is a new team of Segunda B after beating San Fernando one two in the promotion playoff played this morning at the Campo Municipal de La Frontera on the island of El Hierro. It was worth the tie to the blue team, but ended up sending the red in a vibrant Gran Canaria derby held with the public. Some 270 fans, many displaced directly from Gran Canaria, were able to enjoy the third match with the public of Spanish football in times of coronavirus.

He started by sending the Tamaraceite brave, but San Fernando had the clearest occasions of the first half. He even claimed a penalty by hand inside the area that the referee did not consider.

In the second part, the party was revolutionized. Abraham put San Fernado ahead of the penalty kick in the 49th minute. In the 56th minute Tamareceite won a prize and he was able to equalize the clash with another maximum penalty, which also cost Felipe a yellow expulsion. López Silva did not forgive and established the tie.

The duel won in tension and Tamaraceite's final offensive resulted in the goal of promotion, again through López Silva with a header with an impossible parable for the goalkeeper. There was no time for more. He sent the red on the island of El Hierro and the U.D. Tamaraceite is already a Second B team.

Group III: LAREDO 2 – Gimnástica de Torrelavega 0

El Laredo – Gimnástica de Torrelavega started quietly until the first 20 minutes. Laredo was looking for a calm game and thus take advantage of having been above the table that would make them a Second B team in the event of a tie. However, the Gymnastics put pressure and put toughness in the game to try to move the hornet's nest and thus have goals. The break came with zero goals and with the game where Laredo wanted to have him. In the second part, a Laredo that left the only objective of maintaining the result of 0-0 suffered the arreones of the Gimnástica, which did not create enough danger. In 68, Iván Argos with a great goal put Laredo with a foot and a half in Segunda B. Gimnástica had to score two goals in 20 minutes if they wanted to be a bronze team. A more than difficult task, but they did not give up and fell courageously. In spite of everything, before the end, on the brink of the referee's whistle, Laredo put the final 2-0 to confirm the promotion. Guipo was the author of both the glory. Laredo is a team of Segunda B after charging the Tropezón and the Gimnástica de Torrelavega.

Group II: COVADONGA 2 – Flow 0

The Covadonga is from Segunda B. The team, who dared to go for the Caudal, deserved this promotion from the start of the match. The third classified in group II based his attack on Jaime. So much so that in the 16th minute he almost made one of the goals of this playoff when he was about to make an Olympic goal, which ended at the post. Caudal tried, but the opportunities created were thwarted either by the goalkeeper or by the defense of Covadonga, which left the rival forwards in an offside position. But in the 27th minute Jaime, the most unbalanced player in Covadonga, started the move that brought his team closer to the Second B. A ball in depth for Edu Font, who found the stick, but Michel, with a heel after the rejection , overtook the Covadonga. Already in the second half, the team that played at home came out wanting to finish the tie as soon as possible and thus enjoy and taste the promotion, but that second goal did not come and he had to suffer. That is where the figure of Aitor Rodríguez, goalkeeper of Covadonga, emerged to become a hero and stop Caudal's arreones, who could not do anything before 1-0, which is a great slab for teams that do not have that advantage. To end Caudal's aspirations, on the last play of the match, Jaime scored the promotion goal. Deserved promotion.

Group I: COMPOSTELA 1 – Oursense 1

This single-game playoff with the advantage for the best-ranked players in the table leaves us crazy games in which the team that was lower in the classification has to go for it. This was the case with Ourense, who started ahead with Castro's goal in the 13th minute. There the visitors were in Second B and it was Compostela who had to score a goal to be the one to ascend to Second B. The leading team tried in the short regular phase of this season throughout the first part, but it was not until the middle of the second half when, thanks to Antas, Compostela managed to tie the game and thus feel like a bronze team again. New change of dynamics in the game from the local goal, since the draw was of no use to an Ourense, who stayed on the edge of the shore in his fight to ascend, becoming Compostela a team of Second B. The match It ended clouded by the final tangana that ended with several expulsions.

Group XVII: TARAZONA 3 – Brea 0

Too Tarazona for the Brea. The leader of Group XVII started overwhelming, wanting to leave his promotion to Second B solved in the first part. So much so that in minute 3 of the game Sánchez advanced his own and later, in the 22 ', Castel Santiago practically sentenced the tie with seventy minutes still ahead. El Brea was unable to react to such an offensive festival. The visitors were a puppet held by the leader of the group. To continue the party, already in the second part, Costa put the icing on the cake. After beating Zaragoza B and Brea forcefully, Tarazona is deserving of promotion.

Group VI: Alcoyano 0 – ATZENETA 1

David vs. Goliath. This is how the match between Alcoyano and Atzeneta, a team trained by David Albelda, was presented. But Atzeneta was a wolf in sheep's clothing for an Alcoyano who honored the saying “you have more moral than Alcoyano”, since they tried until the end of the game. The visitors in tonight's game went ahead getting strong in set pieces. In the 31st minute of the game, a very warm bounced ball into Alcoyano's area ended in Chico's goal, a hero of David Albelda's. The goalkeeper of Alcoyano had a lot of blame for the goal, who made a very poor clearance and in this playoff you cannot afford mistakes. And those of Alcoy chained enough failures in this match. Being the most painful in the final stretch of the first part. Alcoyano had the opportunity to strike a blow at the floating base of Atzeneta's morale through a penalty, but they dismissed the opportunity. In the second part, Albelda's defended themselves like a belly-up cat and achieved a historic promotion to Second B.

Group IX: EL EJIDO 1 – Real Jaén 1

Jaén was about to give the bell of the day. The Jaén team, which was fourth in their group, almost achieved a historic promotion. Despite a first half in which El Ejido was far superior to the visitors, who remained alive in the match thanks to the great performances of their goalkeeper, Jaén remade around the dressing room after the break and gave a blow on the table in the game thanks to one of the goals of this playoff by Pato. A rejection, a sweet ball in the front of the area, ended in the squad of the goal of El Ejido making, for the moment, Jaén, a bronze team. The visitors, who were with one less from the 42nd minute of the game, tried to hold the result, but such was the barrage of occasions of the leader of Group IX of Third, that in the 79th minute, Aranda finished with the illusions of a combative Real Jaén. Still, the jienenses did not give up everything lost and tried until the last minute to get the goal that led them to Segunda B. Finally it was not possible and El Ejido took the prize for the promotion.

Group XV: MUTILVERA 1 – Beti Kozkor 0

Mutilvera is a Second B team. The team from Navarra, who took the lead in the 28 days played in this short regular phase, has made a great promotion of commendable promotion after beating Pamplona and Beti Kozkor in this final. Abaurrea is the hero of the Mutilvera thanks to a goal worth an ascentsor. A goal from the highest ranked team in the table is much more than a goal in this playoff. It is such a slab for the rival team that we have not experienced any comeback. Beti Kozkor tried, but failed. He managed to tie the game, but the goal was canceled for offside. Time passed in the match and the scoreboard did not change. Good for Mutilvera; bad for the Beti Kozkor. Finally, Mutilva's team will play next year in Segunda B.

Group V: L'HOSPITALET 1 – Terrassa 1

The match between L'Hospitalet and Terrassa started later than the set time due to equipment problems. Fate wanted both teams to have their leading moment outside the carousel of six games in their time slot and they gave us a show worth seeing in the final stretch of their meeting. L'Hospitalet struck first in the 55th minute with a goal from Canario and started their ascent, but found a more than combative Terrassa, who put the Catalan leader on the ropes. When everything seemed lost for the visitors in the 90 ', Arranz gave hope to his family, who had the comeback in their hands. But it was too late to accomplish the feat. Thus, suffering, promotions taste better and L'Hospitalet is celebrating. It is a team of Second B.

Group XVI: SD LOGROÑÉS 1 – Varea 1

The city of Logroño lives a constant party. If a few days ago it was UD Logroñés who got promotion to the Second Division, tonight, the Sociedad Depotiva Logroñés will represent La Rioja in the bronze category. The star game of the day today, since there could be no more equality between SD Logroñés and Varea (they tied 70 points in the regular phase), did not disappoint and gave us about 90 minutes full of emotion. In addition to the excitement, both teams gave us quality. Both of the SD Logroñés are worthy of a museum. Achi's perfect thread from the peak of the area that entered the squad. All this before the break. On the way back from the locker room, Varea came out wanting to come back from the tie and looked like he was going to do it when in the 52nd minute he equalized the score. Those of Logroño suffered, but finally they can say that they are from Segunda B.

Group VIII: ZAMORA 2 – Gimnástica Segoviana 1

“We are back!”. This is how Zamora celebrated the promotion through their social networks. The historic team from Zamora was far superior to a Gimnástica Segoviana who could only put the newly promoted Zamora in trouble in the last 10 minutes of the game. The rest of the game, the locals, for their better classification in the table, were much superior and went 2-0 with ease. Prieto was the author of the first goal from Zamorano and Sergio García, with a beautiful goal after a great maneuver against the Gimnástica goalkeeper, extended advantages and almost sentenced the tie. La Gimnástica needed 3 goals if she wanted to be from Segunda B, but she only got one. Garcia scored both the honor of the visitors. The Zamora returns to Segunda B and promises battle for the coming season.

Group XIII: LORCA SPORTS 1 – Atlético Pulpileño 1

Another draw and again that the best ranked team in the table takes advantage of their good work in the regular season. Lorca Deportiva, leader of group XIII, is from Segunda B and it is on its own merits. The locals came out for all knowing the importance of a goal, since it forced the Pulpileño to score two. They achieved the goal very soon. In minute 3 Lorca Deportiva had already gone ahead on the scoreboard thanks to a goal from Carasco. ANDl Atlético Pulpileño did not go into depression and tried to turn the situation around and in the 11th minute they equaled the contest with a goal from Arcas. Both teams went open-heartedly for the game and left us a match full of emotion, but without much lucidity. The marker did not move again after the initial madness. The Pulpileño needed another goal and tried it. He did not succeed. Lorca Deportiva was too comfortable defending its result and, this time, the promotion was not going to escape him. He did not escape.

Group XI: POBLENSE 2 – Mallorca B 1

Poblense climb back. The Balearic leader started hesitantly and that was taken advantage of by the Mallorca affiliate. After a minute the first half hour of the game, Tovar scored the goal that put fear in the body of the players and the fans of Poblense. The scare was longer than expected for the leader of Group XI, since he saw how it hit a wall continuously. Poblense's morale did not decline and in the 80th minute they equalized the game and managed to take a giant step towards promotion. Mallorca B pulled Luca Romero, the youngest player in history to debut in the First Division, but it was not enough. In addition, with the vermilion subsidiary overturned looking for the goal of victory and promotion, Poblense, in Pons boots, sentenced the tie and signed the promotion.

Group XVIII: SOCUÉLLAMOS 0 – Guadalajara 0

Socuéllamos is a team from Segunda B. In the only game of the day with glasses, the La Mancha teams have shown how difficult it is to play a promotion playoff in which the legs and the fear of losing do not give the best show, but in the match there was no lack of emotion between Socuéllamos and Guadalajara. The guadalajareño ensemble, directed by Acciari, He tried by all means the goal that gave him the promotion, but Socuéllamos knew how to defend himself and take advantage of the advantage obtained thanks to the leadership in the regular phase.

Group X: BETIS B 4 – City of Lucena 1

Betis B Festival and Raúl Festival to get promoted to Segunda B. The striker of the Betis subsidiary became the hero by getting a hat-trick in the most important game of the season. Of course, not everything was joy in the game for Betis B. In minute 1, when all the players have to be more attentive, the City of Lucena went ahead with a goal from Maero. But the scare lasted 15 minutes, when Raúl came into action, of which we have already spoken in the first lines of this chronicle. The striker tied the game at 16 '. We had to wait until the second half to see more goals in the match. Raúl made them in pairs (49 'and 66') to end the options of the City of Lucena. Mizzian put the finishing touch to the promotion of the Verdiblanco subsidiary. Deserved promotion of Betis B, which gives joy to the Baetic fans in such a difficult season for the first team.

Group XIV: VILLANOVENSE 1 – Cacereño 1

Villanovense took a season to return to Segunda B. The team from Villanueva de la Serena, after the cold water jug ​​suffered last season, has managed to recover and be back to the bronze category. Villanovense and Cacereño have provided a great match to the fans present in Almendralejo. If you read correctly, there was a crowd at the Almendralejo stadium, just like El Hierro in this morning's game. Christ has become the hero of Villanueva de la Serena thanks to his goal in the 9th minute of the game. Later, Teto, from Cacereño, gave illusions to his own by scoring the equalizer in the 22nd minute. Those of Cáceres tried it, but despite cornering the Extremaduran leader they did not get a greater prize. The red card to Borja García in the 80 'match ended Cacereño's options. In short, Villanovense will once again feel bronze football.

Group VII: NAVALCARNERO 1 – Alcorcón B 1

The journey of the Navalcarnero through the Third Division has lasted only one year. The boat captained by Luis Ayllón returns to the bronze category after overcoming its tie against Alcorcón B repeating the route they traced last week at the intersection against Alcalá. The navalcarnereños went ahead on the scoreboard and then, before the tie of the potter subsidiary, they asserted their first position in the 28 days played in group 7 to achieve promotion.

The first part was of alternatives by both teams. The most outstanding occasion was for the yellows and came in the 35 ', when Néstor responded with a paradón to a shot by Álex Gil. After the break, the Navalcarnero took the helm of the meeting. The goal did not come until in a counter in 73 'De Miguel made it 1-0 to a pass from Rubén Sánchez. Until then, in a half hour of control, lAyllón's had had a good handful of occasions, including a shot that De Miguel himself had crashed into Mena's right-hand post in 64 '.

After the goal and the hydration break, Alcorcón B besieged Néstor's goal. The corners found the equalizer in the 84th minute with a Boris header to a Guito cross from the left. But this time, unlike last week in the semifinal against Adarve, Jorge Romero's men did not complete the comeback. The Navalcarnero will be the eighth Madrid team in Segunda B next season 2020-2021.